A Photo An Hour – Weekend Away

We were in Auckland for the weekend and got back today, and while I’m sad the weekend is almost over I’m also kind of glad to be home (back to my own bed, which will hopefully mean a good night’s sleep, because holy shit, I’m so tired right now).

Yesterday, I thought it would be a nice idea to do another ‘photo an hour‘ post, as I thought it would be a nice visual reminder of what we got up to during our first wedding anniversary weekend away.

photo an hour

8:30 AM: For breakfast I had bacon and eggs on toast, a truffle, a cookie and a lemony custard thing that I ate before I got back to the table.

9:30 AM: Getting ready to explore Auckland (AKA getting ready to do some shopping).

10:30 AM: Walking to the Auckland Art Gallery to see the LIGHT SHOW exhibition; it’s on until the 8th of February, so if you’re in Auckland or will be before it ends you should definitely check it out.

11:30 AM: I had a gluten free cake at the café at the Art Gallery and it was delicious (I feel like I need another adjective to describe amazingly awesome food, but this was delicious and I demolished it within about 5 minutes).

12:30 PM: Sitting on Vulcan Lane after walking around the art gallery (I wanted frozen yoghurt, but it turns out White’s & Co on Vulcan lane is no longer open on the weekend and I was too lazy to walk down to Britomart).

1:30 PM: After some shopping we headed down to Aotea Square to check out the ‘NO TTPA‘ protest.

2:30 PM: Sitting in the afternoon sun at Albert Park after we went back to the art gallery so Phillip could buy some hue lights (he had been contemplating buying them most of the day, and decided to get them after a) I bought some make up from benefit cosmetics and b) he found out you can programme a sunset simulation into them).

3:30 PM: Sitting in Aotea Square after some more shopping.

4:30 PM: The view from our hotel room.

5:30 PM: The hotel we stayed at was pretty busy this weekend, so our room was upgraded and we got a selection of fruit and water both nights we were there (so fancy).

6:30 PM: Dinner! Round one was wedges, venison and ostrich steaks and sushi (round 2 was salad and more sushi; don’t worry mum, I wasn’t stuffing my face stupid while we away – we hadn’t had much to eat during the day).

7:30 PM: I’m so glad I bought the they’re real makeup remover; one of the girls at the benefit counter put some eyeliner on me and it was a bitch to get off with my regular remover (I’m currently using the Dr Lewinns Synergise Eye Makeup Remover, which got a fair bit of it off).

8:30 PM: Chilling post bath by watching Jumangi.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend xx


    • Kahurangi says:

      There’s so much to do in auckland! We will have to check out the domain when we are up next – i loved yourr photos!

      Oh, the food!! You should toyally have a dinner at Eight (the langham restaurant) sometime :)

    • Kahurangi says:

      I always have a good time while we’re in Auckland, this weekend was probablyt he best though, and it’s making me want to move ther :)

      The Langham is my favourite place to stay as well. Super fancy and the restraunts are divine with a good selection of gluten free food (the breakfast buffet has seperate stands for gluten free and regular).

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