Biting Off More Than I chew? Maybe…

Daily Blogging

In the spirit of biting off more than I chew, I have decided to try my hand at daily blogging; well for the next 30 days at least. I’m not sure if this will include weekend, although I will try to post the weekly ‘Instagram Roundup‘ on time (Sunday).

The thought of daily blogging is quite daunting, and at times I seem to be lacking inspiration in terms of things to write about, so why would I do this to myself?! I’ve been going through some stuff lately, which is vague, but I’m not sure if I want to talk about it at the moment. The thing is, I need something to take my mind off it and writing seems to help.

I don’t want bore the shit out of you, so I will try to keep the filler posts to a minimum and will be posting more personal/about me type posts, so you guys can get to know me a little better.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, have you set any goals for yourself that seem like mammoth task, but in the end you said “stuff it, I’m going to do this!!!” I would love to hear about what you’ve done, and what you want to do xx


  1. Canllaith says:

    It’s interesting. I did a photo 365 a few years ago with the idea that it would stimulate my photography. What ended up happening is I took fewer photographs. Once I had taken my photograph de jour I stopped because I knew I had to take one tomorrow and I didn’t want to use up my ideas. It ended up becoming a constraint to my creativity.

    It was still worthwhile trying because I learned a lot about why and how I take photographs and that it simply can’t be forced. I am really interested to hear now this goes for you – whether you find it helps you write more or whether you find you are losing the spontaneity by setting yourself to a schedule.

    • Kahurangi says:

      DAMNIT! I was replying to your comment and then swiped right on the trackpad.

      I’m interested to see how this goes too, forcing writing is why I’m not sure if this will include weekends. I want to write to write because I like it and not have it be a chore. At the very least, I will definitely learn something :)

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