Instagram Roundup

It’s Sunday, so you know what that means! It’s time for my weekly Instagram roundup. I hope you’ve all had a great weekend, mine was alright, I visited my niece yesterday, and spent most of today playing Playstation (I had intended to shop for my #NZSecretSanta gift, but both my husband and I were feeling a bit sick, so we didn’t leave the house (boo lurgeys!)

I didn’t take that many Instagram snaps this week (taking photos was the last thing on my mind, it was one of those weeks), but I love the ones I did take, so here are my favourites:

Instagram Roundup

instagram roundup

1. I walk past some roses daily 2. my favourite pair of shoes 3. Korean style ribs at Miss Kangsta
4. Kumara cheesecake 5. sitting in the sun at Civic Square 6. My new desk buddy
7. I bought a pineapple print dress 8. And a ceramic pineapple LED light 9. Fix and Fogg smoke and fire peanut butter (it has smoked paprika and chillies, and is fairly spicy)

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