Shake It Off – Dealing With Embarrassing Situations

shake it off

Earlier this week, while working to work I slipped and fell walking down our rather steep hill (I managed to land sitting up with my legs sticking out, which I think was quite impressive). A few people saw but they were too far away to help, so after checking to make sure my phone was okay (how could I tweet about falling over with a smashed screen?!), I picked myself up and continued on my way (not going to lie though, I was so tempted to throw in the towel and go back to bed – partly because I was thinking if this happens first thing on a Monday morning, then what the hell was the rest of my week going to look like?!) 

Thankfully, it wasn’t a sign of a sign of things to come and the rest of the day was fine, although I did almost slip while walking home. So, it’s safe to say the shoes I chose to wear have lost most of their grip and that I won’t be wearing them in public again. As much as I love them, they have are now destined to live out the rest of their life as ‘around the house, because I can’t be trusted in public’ shoes.

Cute, but a death trap

I am forever falling over, walking into things and ending up in incredibly awkward situations (usually in public), but I never let it get to me. I tend to brush it off and keep going, because I’ve learnt that if you do something embarrassing in public, the people who saw, probably won’t remember you and that things aren’t embarrassing unless you let them be. It hasn’t always been like that though, the mere thought of doing something embarrassing would make me anxious, so I thought it would be a good idea to share how I deal with embarrassing situations:

  1. Embracing The Clumsiness: I’m clumsy as hell, I always have been. It was always something I tried to hide when I was younger; now, I don’t really care. Who else can say they tripped while putting their pants back on in a changing room and ripped a massive hole in them (thankfully, the shorts I was trying on at the time fit, so I bought them and wore them out of the store) and also broke their toe after dropping block of wood on their foot (I was wearing canvas shoes when that happened). See?! So clumsy.
  2. Reminding myself that I’m not the first person this has happened to and I won’t be the last: Reminding myself that I’m not the first person to fall down in public, or to walk into a store window (I ended up with a mild concussion that time) helps me be a little kinder to myself, because embarrassing moments happen to everyone.
  3. Laughing at myself: I laugh at myself partly because a) it probably did look funny and b) Yeah, I would get myself into that situation, wouldn’t I?
  4. Tell someone: I usually tweet about what happened, so my followers can have a laugh at my expense, because sharing is caring, right?

Anyway, I hope that this post gave you a good laugh, but also helped a bit when it comes to dealing with embarrassing situations. Remember, it’s never as bad as you think it is and you won’t really die of embarrassment xx

Title from: Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

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