Things To Remember When I’m Stressed, Depressed and Bummed Out

stressed, depressed, bummed out

I think I jinxed it when I said I was the happiest I had been in years; because right now I feel like shit (nowhere near as bad as I felt last night/this morning, but still pretty shitty). My head is a whole lot of thoughts and feelings that I can’t seem to articulate, but at the heart of it I’m pretty stressed, and more than a little bummed out. 

I can feel myself slipping into old (bad) habits and thought patterns, which sucks, and isn’t a hole I want to get myself sucked into again. So instead on dwelling on things, I thought I’d write a list of the things I find helpful when I’m stressed (partly, so I can find something to take my mind off things, but also to help someone else who’s going through a hard time at the moment as well).

Things to Remember

  1. Breathe – it may seem simple, but sometimes taking a step back and taking a deep breath really helps when I’m not feeling the best. It’s about taking the time out to focus on something other than the million of thoughts racing through my mind and reminds me that everything’s okay.
  2. Work out if it’s something I can change – I’ve come to realise that there’s no point stressing or panicking over things I have control over. If I’m worried/getting myself down about something I can change, I need do it (easier said that done sometime, I know. It’s something I need to remind myself of regularly).
  3. Get it out – talk to someone you trust, write it down, have a good cry.
  4. That I’ve been through this before – I need to remind that I’ve been there before, that I’ve gotten out of it, and that there are people around me who love me and want to make sure that I’m okay.

Self Care

Self care is so important when I’m not feeling the bit, and is also probably the first thing I start neglecting. It just seems like too much of an effort when all I want to do is curl into a ball and hideaway from everything, with that being said though, here is what self care looks like to me:

  1. Me time – I’m incredibly introverted, so I love to unwind by taking a long bath, watching a silly movie, drinking copious amounts of tea
  2. Treat yourself – It doesn’t need to be anything big, it can be something as little as a takeaway coffee from a café.
  3. Kill it with kindness – also known as cutting myself some slack. When I’m stressed, I tend to be incredibly hard on myself, when what I really need to do is show myself a little bit of compassion.
  4. Writing gratitude lists: gratitude lists are a great way of reminding myself that when everything feels like it’s crumbling around me, there are always some awesome bits; it’s why I post weekly gratitude lists on this blog.

If you’re not feeling the best at the moment, I hope this list has helped (even if only in the smallest way). Also, please feel free to share your go-to ways of dealing with stress and what self care looks like to you xx


  1. Patrick says:

    No.2 from your “Things to Remember” is something that my mum imparted to me, and I’m forever grateful for. Being able to let go and just say “it is what it is, there is nothing I can do” is scary but liberating, and frees you up to think about the things you do have control over :)

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