Weekly Gratitude List


Happy Wednesday, I hope you’re having a great week so far; I’m currently home alone sitting in bed (yeah mum, I know) drinking tea and listening to music on spotify. Phillip is at our Body Corporate AGM, I had wanted to go, but with the type of day I was having on Monday, I needed some me-time and decided to stay home and blog instead (and have a very long bath afterward).

I enjoy posting these weekly gratitude lists, they help me focus on things going right in my life, rather than dwell on the less so stellar things (although to be honest, sometimes I just want to dwell and wallow). Sometimes, it all just gets a little too much though, and I know that it can’t be all doom and gloom all the time. 

Here are a few things I am grateful for this week

Our weekend away, being silly at the Auckland Art Gallery, great food (and even better company), my husband’s haircut (because swoon), my anniversary heart charm from pandora, shopping in Auckland (I hit the shops pretty hard, it’s a wonder I’m not completely broke!), great weather, Christmas shopping, catching up with Charloni on my way home from work and last but not least I’M GOING TO BE AN AUNT AGAIN (sorry for the yelling, but I’m so excited, I think I posted about news I couldn’t share a while ago, this was it).

What (or who) are you grateful for? xx

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