Weekly Gratitude List – Feelings Are Gross

Happy Friday! I hope you’re enjoying your day – I have the day off, and I’m sitting in the sunniest spot of my bedroom, so my weekend’s off to a good start (we’re flying to Auckland later today, so I figured I’d need to take some time off to pack and get a few things sorted before we left).

This Wednesday was our first wedding anniversary (I know this post is late, and I had intended on posting this then, but ended up needing a nap after our hot anniversary dinner – jerk chicken if you were wondering, SO spicy), so this week’s gratitude list isn’t going to be a this awesome thing happened this week kind of post, and will be a feelings are gross, I am incredibly lucky one instead (sorry if I made you want to spew in your mouth).

Gratitude List 

I had meant to post about our wedding last year, but I was so slack with regular posting (or posting at all), that I didn’t (obviously), so if you were wondering about our wedding, it was small; we had the ceremony at the registry office and then dinner at The Crab Shack. We kept it small because Phillip doesn’t have much family and big events stress both of us out (yay introverts!). I’m glad we decided to keep it low-key, it was really laid-back, which made it easier to talk and to everyone there and it my parents got to meet Phillip’s (which probably wouldn’t have happened if we had done the big ‘island thing’).

Now for the feelings are gross part – Aside from finding that one special someone I get to annoy for a very long time, I am grateful that I have found someone who loves me and believes in me and pushes me to do things because he knows I can (even if they scare the living shit out of me). I am grateful that I have found someone who is a weird and as silly as me, because it means he ‘gets’ me, and it’s okay if I’m really awkward, because he is too. I’m also grateful that we’re surrounded by family and friends who love us, and support us.



  1. Bunny Eats Design says:

    Happy Anniversary! I never feel like the word Congratulations is quite the right word for it. It kind of implies that it’s a rare or difficult struggle when usually it is not. I love that you had a low key weddings. Bloggers seem to do the opposite because we read so many other blogs and get an idea of what other weddings might be. Of course, reading about other wedding could put you off completely :)

    I hope you enjoy Auckland this weekend. It’s supposed to be lovely weather, though I’m sure it will also rain once or twice (such is Auckland weather).

    • Kahurangi says:

      RE the small wedding – we didn’t even tell anyone else we were getting married, we had a housewarming a few week’s later, and let everyone know (much easier to avoid hurt feelings about not getting invited to something if you don’t know it’s happening!). I’ve always wanted a small one though, and really happy with it in the end.

      I hear the weather is beautiful today, should be raining on Sunday when we leave I think? I’m just hoping it’s not windy here – Wellington landings on a windy day suck! :/

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