Review: Christmas Goodie Box

Goodie Box

I know, I know; I’ve been super slack at this daily blogging thing. When I set myself the challenge of posting daily the intentions were there, my timing however, was pretty crappy (sickness and Christmas). Instead of blogging, my nights have been filled with napping and wrapping (I’m so clever).

Enough excuses, a couple of weeks agoI bought the Christmas Edition Goodie Box; it arrived yesterday yesterday, and I decided I’d share what I got in my box with you. I feel my box had a good selection of products and I’m happy with the box I received (I was expecting more makeup items, but it’s all good).  

For the body

My box came with the glamourflage Vera Vamp body cream and their Amazing Grace massage oil (the glamourflage packing is super cute, right?!). The massage oil smells amazing (I cant wait to try it), and the body cream makes my skin feel really smooth; I’m not a huge fan of the scent of the body cream though (it’s a bit too floral for me), so I will be giving it to someone who I’m sure will love it.

For the hair

For the hair I got a De Lorenzo Tricho Natural Scalp Therapy shampoo and conditioner, and I’m quite exited to try it. Those of you who have followed my blog for a while, will know that my hair has been incredibly dry and lacklustre lately and that I am constantly on the lookout for hair care products that will put some life back to it. I’m going to wait until I’ve finished my current shampoo and conditioner before trying these products, and will definitely let you know how I find them.

For the eyes

For the eyes my box came with a Teeez Trend Cosmetics Spectrum of Stars eyeshadow in Indigo Dare and a brown Australis pencil eyeliner. I’ve wanted a brown eyeliner for a while, so I’m glad my box came with one. I don’t wear eyeshadow all that often but I will definitely give this stuff a shot (mainly because the packaging is so cute, but also because the colour is pretty and it’s really pigmented.) The colour is probably a bit too bright for me though, so I’ll think I’ll end up wearing it as an eyeliner, rather than a shadow, but we’ll see.

For the nails

For the nails, I got two sets of elegant touch wraps and some mode nail polish. I’m not a huge fan of the colour of the nail polish, so I’m going to gift this to someone else as well. I will definitely try the nail wraps though (well the nude set at least, I had a bit of a disaster with the coral ones, so they got binned; my fault entirely, I’m so clumsy).

If you got a Christmas Goodiebox what items were different, and what was your favourite? xx

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