Weekly Gratitude List

gratitude list

Happy Wednesday, I hope you’ve all been having a good week; my week has bee okay; I’ve been sick again and ended up spent the last two days at home (which was good, but also very boring). Hopefully I’ve gotten rid of the lingering lurgey, because colds that stick around suck, and I don’t have much sick leave.

Anyway. because it’s Wednesday, today I will be sharing the things I am grateful for this week, so here we go… 

  • Rest: I’ve had the best sleeps the last few nights; granted, it’s been because I’m sick, but a good night’s sleep is a good night’s sleep.
  • Dragon Age Origins: I love this game and have just started my third run through.
  • Harney & Son’s Pumpkin Spice Tea: I can’t get enough of this stuff, and just realised that it’s rooibos, so it doesn’t contain caffeine. This means I can drink it before bed, (or any other time of day) yay!
  • I Got My first Christmas stocking: I bought myself a Christmas stocking over the weekend (we used to use pillow cases when I was younger, but I’ve wanted a proper stocking for so long), and I love it. I feel like such a big kid for being so happy, but you know what? Who cares.
  • The Great Weather We Had Over The Weekend: The weather this weekend was amazing; Phillip and I walked around the waterfront and had gelato, and I even got to see the Water Whirler in action.
  • I’ve Finished All My Christmas Shopping: I pretty much finished my shopping in November, which means no stressing over what to get people, so instead and getting excited about opening presents on Christmas morning (such a big kid).

That’s all for this week, what or who are you grateful for right now? xx

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