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Aussie Curves

I have wanted to do an Aussie Curves post for a while, but have always felt too awkward/self-conscious/scared to do an outfit post.

This year one of my goals is to do more things that scare me, and so, here we are (an outfit may not seem like a big deal, but for someone who struggles with their appearance/ever-changing body shape, it is for me. I take a crap-tonne of selfies, but outfit posts? Yeah. Nah).

Anyway, this week’s Aussie Curves prompt was ‘shoes’, which I think is a good starting point for me (next week’s prompt is swimwear, which would definitely be throwing myself into the deep end; I don’t feel that confident yet).

Aussie Curves, Shoes

Today, I wore two pairs of shoes; in the morning, I wore my one of my favourite pairs of shoes. They are a pair of black flats with metallic studs, which I when we went to Canada. I wanted something I could take off easily while we were on the plane, and these were the cheapest I could find. I’ve worn them a fair bit since, but are now only worn around the house (the grip is now non-existent; I blogged about it here about a month and a half ago).

The second pair I wore are a pair of red suede flats with a black bow. I wore these, when I went into town to have coffee with my mum (these have much more grip, and I don’t feel as if I’m going to slip down our hill in these)

Because it can’t be an outfit post without an actual outfit, here is a photo of what I wore today. Phillip took a bunch of photos, but I’m sharing the one where I look the least awkward/self-conscious about having my photo taken.

Aussie Curves, OOTD

heart Cardi – Mirrou
heart T-Shirt – Jay Jays
heart Shorts – Old Navy
heart Leggings – Mirrou
heart Shoes – Number 1 Shoes


  1. Jocelyn Brewer says:

    Love the stud pair, oh and your tee is super cute! I freaked out when I first started sharing my photos but I had my bestie take them for me which definitely helped me relax when starting out. Have fun with it ;-)

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