My Life, At The Moment – Taking Stock

Taking Stock, Coffee

It’s been a while since I posted here last. Not because I haven’t had anything to share with you guys (I’m always been jotting down ideas of things I think will be neat to write about); it’s just that I’ve been pretty down lately and haven’t felt like doing much aside from curling into a ball and watching TV when I get home from work most nights.

Today, I decided that I had moped around for too long, and that really needed to shake off this bad mood and just write something; anything. I was a bit stuck about where to start, and I figured a Taking Stock post (huge thanks Laura Laura for the idea) would be a good starting point.

  • Making: A road trip playlist for our trip to Rotorua next weekend.
  • Cooking: Lots of bean salads; I’ll share the recipe with you sometime, because they’re good!
  • Drinking: Lots of water, because my God has it been hot lately! Also, lots of horchata, my husband found a really good recipe, which I’ll share with you guys as well.
  • Reading: Nothing at the moment. I have downloaded a few eBooks on to my kindle though, so will need to get around to reading them
  • Wanting: A pet alpaca (I’m not allowed one), and more travel/time off work.
  • Looking: Flights to Vancouver.
  • Playing: I played Settlers of Catan for the first time today; it was so much fun!
  • Deciding: If want to go on an alpaca farm tour when I’m in Rotorua.
  • Wishing: It was next weekend, because I want to be in Rotorua already!
  • enjoying: This awesome weather we’ve been having (although, the mugginess isn’t much fun)
  • Waiting: To hear back from my brother, so I can pick up a pair of shoes I bought.
  • Liking: My new desk.
  • Wondering: If I’ll ever have a job that I love.
  • Loving: The new Taylor Swift Album
  • Considering: Cutting off all my hair and getting a sidecut or an undercut. I’ve been thinking about this for a while.
  • Watching: Futurama
  • Marvelling: At how people who suffer chronic pain cope.
  • Hoping: Phillip’s hospital appointment will bring us closer to a diagnosis.
  • Needing: Decent sleep.
  • Smelling: DKNY Be Delicious (I am so grateful my nose is no longer blocked and I can smell again).
  • Wearing: Shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of vans.
  • Following: FunForLouis’s New Zealand adventures.
  • Noticing: I’m not letting things get to me as much as I usually would
  • Knowing: Everything will be okay.
  • Thinking: About starting a youtube channel as a supplementary for my blog. I want to, but I’m so nervous!!
  • Admiring: People who can effortlessly talk to people they don’t know; I have so much trouble with small talk!
  • Sorting: Through our kitchen cupboards. Our kitchen is a bit of a mess at the moment.
  • Buying: Things for our trip next weekend.
  • Getting: Excited about next week’s trip.
  • Bookmarking: A list of foods and snacks under 100 calories (for snack ideas during the day).
  • Disliking: Weight gain, but what can I do?
  • Opening: Myself up to new adventures.
  • Giggling: At my youngest sister’s misadventures. I’m sorry Teens, I shouldn’t laugh, but you’re just so adorable. xx
  • Feeling: A little headachey
  • Snacking: popcorn, almonds and peaches.
  • Coveting: Benefit They’re Real mascara.
  • Helping: Tidy the apartment.
  • Hearing: Ed Sheeran – Don’t

That’s it for now, I will (hopefully) be back to my regular scheduled posting tomorrow. xx

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