Aussie Curves – Stripes

Aussie Curves

I haven’t done an outfit post in a while; partly because I still feel kind of awkward doing these kinds of posts (I’m definitely not comfortable posting a picture of myself in my swimsuit… yet; so I skipped that week) and partly because jerk-brain is so jerky, and I spent a good part of the last few weeks curled up watching TV not doing much else (I bought a geometric pair of shorts for last week’s prompt, so my heart was there!)

aussie curves, stripes, ootd, outfit post

This week it’s all about stripes, and boy, do I love me some stripes; I don’t wear them that often, because they make my husband dizzy (although, I did recently buy a striped maxi dress, and I’ve been wearing it to death during the weekend; sadly, it’s a bit too casual for work).

For this week’s post, I have two outfits – the first is of my new¬†maxi dress (not going to lie, the purchase was mainly inspired by this prompt, although I have been wanting a maxi dress for ages), and the other is of a dress I bought at a secondhand store a couple of years ago, which I paired with some shorts.

aussie curves, ootd, stripes, outfit post


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