Summary of January 2015

Jan2015, January 2015

I can’t believe it’s February already; I know that I say this every time I make a monthly summary post, but damn… time flies (like an arrow, and fruit flies like a banana). Now that I’m done going on about fruit flies, and how fast this year has gone past; here’s what I’ve been up to this month. 

This Month Last Year:
I had surgery for endometriosis; definitely one of the best things that has ever happened that has ever happened to me – no more crippling period pain/extreme PMS!

Entertained By:
My niece, she’s so cute!

Medicine (I had a throat infection and then caught a cold), lots of pho (it’s the best food to eat when you’re sick), A Clarisonic Mia 2 (I’ll write a review when in a couple of weeks) and some shoes.

A lot of friends; I’m so glad it’s on Netflix now, it definitely kept me sane while I was home from work with the dreaded death lurgy.

Listening to:
Taylor Swift – 1989. I bought the album about a week ago, because I was over not being able to listen to it on Spotify. It’s SO good! Also, Special by Six60 (I’m not a Six60 fan, but I really like this song).

Catching up with family; my youngest sister is back from the UK and mum and her partner were over from Australia for a couple of weeks.

Playing Settlers of Catan for the first time; I don’t know why I hadn’t played it before yesterday!

The awesome weather we’ve been having – summer has been good to us this year.

Being sick/down.

Not being able to sleep – it’s been too hot!

Looking Forward To:
Our trip to Rotorua, we’ve booked an alpaca farm tour and I’ve found a café that specialises in gluten free food… I can’t wait!

I didn’t take many photos in Jan, I’m going to take more this month, so February’s monthly summary is a bit more interesting. Anyway, that’s it for me this month, I have hope you all have an awesome day. xx


    • Kahurangi says:

      Hehe, twins! Friends and Settlers of Catan are both awesome (I’m thinking that I need to buy myself Settlers, so I can work out my strategy, also… need all the expansion packs!)

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