Updated: My Desk Office Area

Ever since we moved into our apartment, I had wanted to get a new desk; the one I had come with the apartment, and I never felt as if it was mine. Does that sound weird? It served its purpose, sure, it just lacked personality I guess. So at the beginning of the year, my lovely husband bought me a desk from Freedom Furniture, and it’s safe to say that I am in love with it.

desk, office

After getting the desk, I re-arranged my office and got a few new desk buddies. I love this space so much, and no longer lie in bed curled up as if I’m doing crunches when I’m writing blog posts (anyone else sit like that with their laptop?)

ice cream, skeleton, office, desk, desk buddies

My new desk buddies are: an ice cream cone money box, an educational skeleton, a dinosaur and a pinky pie figurine. I bought the dinosaur as a Christmas present for someone else and didn’t end up putting in their stocking, so decided to keep it for myself (it was accidental, I swear!)

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The pin board that I use to store my necklaces is now surrounded by instax and polaroid pictures. I have them their as a way to remind myself of the good times and to constantly surround myself by pretty things (one of my goals this year is happiness, it’s a biggie, I know, and I feel that a way of accomplishing this goal is to actively think of/surround myself with good things).

desk, office, pencils, pencil holder, lamp

Next to my pinky pie figurine, I have a jar of pencils, some post-it notes and one of my pineapple lamps (I bought myself one just before Christmas, and it turns out my SiL and brother got me one as well, that one’s in our bedroom – you can never have too many pineapple lamps though). If you’re wondering about the burn mark on my calendar, I accidentally set it on fire… it turns out candles close to paper is a bad idea, who knew?!

desk, office area

Next to my desk I have a shelf that used to belong to my husband. On this, I have a few journals/books, my cell phone holder, candles, random bits of stationery, random bits of electronics and some magazines (they’re pretty much all home decor related, if you wondering) .

Thanks for letting me share my office space with you, I really love my office right now. With the new desk, if feels so much more me than it did before (the only thing that would make it feel more mine would be if we replaced the carpet, but i don’t think that’s going to happen…)


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