Weekly Gratitude List

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I haven’t posted a weekly gratitude list in quite a while (I think it’s been about a month?!), and I feel kind of bad about it; some awesome things have happened over the past month, but I was a bit down, and not really in the frame of mind to post regularly (seriously Black Dog sucks, but to be honest, it’s probably when I need to post a gratitude list the most). 

Anyway, I have decided I need to suck it up and start posting regular gratitude lists again, because I’m far more happy when I write them, and it’s much better to focus on the good things happening in life than wallowing/focusing on the negative. So in the spirit of reminding myself how awesome life can be, here’s what I’m currently grateful for…

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heart Rocking bare legs in my hometown. This year’s all about doing more things that scare me, and this was a biggie. I am so self conscious about how I look, but this year, it’s all about being confident in my own skin, and wearing what I want to wear.
heart Catching up with friends and family.
heart My birthday weekend away; we went to Rotorua and I went on an alpaca farm tour, which was awesome (I blogged about it here).
heart Having my husband as a road trip buddy. Feelings are gross, I know, but I can’t see myself road-tripping across the country with anyone else.
heart Finding a café where the entire menu has a gluten free option (Solace in Rotorua is AMAZING; I was in food heaven).
heart Pho lunch dates with my sister.
heart The macaron at Louis Sergeant (they are to die for; so effing good).
heart Being on leave; I have had such an awesome time off work, and I start back tomorrow… Nooooo!
heart Phillip for making me the most amazing birthday cake (it was vegan too!)
heart Phillip’s gastroscopy was okay. Well this is kind of a sword, because it means nothing is obviously wrong, but we’re also no closer to a diagnosis*.

*For those who don’t know, my husband has what looks like an undiagnosed autoimmune condition, he had a gastroscopy this week which didn’t show anything obvious (which is good and bad). He has been in chronic pain for about 9 months and has seen numerous specialists, but as of yet, there has not been a diagnosis. He blogged about living in chronic pain at the beginning of the year, if you would like to check it out.

Anyway, that’s it from me for this week; I hope your week is going well, and if it isn’t remember that there is always something to be grateful for; even if it’s small (I’m not trying to be preachy by the way, I just feel that is a good reminder for everyone; especially myself). XX

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