Brunch Club at Drexel’s (and a follow up breakfast)

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Last Sunday, I sent to my first #BrunchClub brunch. I’m not going to lie; I was nervous as hell – meeting new people and engaging in small talk is not one of my strengths. Seeing as this year is all about doing more things that scare me, I decided I needed to go at least one brunch; I’m glad I did, because I had a great time and got to meet some awesome Wellington based bloggers.

Brunch Club

Last week’s #BrunchClub was at Drexels (a breakfast restaurant just off Lambton Quay); I checked the menu before I left to make sure there was something I would be able to eat (they have gluten free pancakes and waffles, you don’t know how excited I was about being able to eat waffles at a cafĂ©).

brunch club, brunch, breakfast, wellington, eateries, drexels

The service at Drexels was great, the staff were friendly and everything came out pretty quickly considering how busy they were and how large our group was (there was about 10 of us). I started with a bottomless coffee, and learnt that my limit is four filtered coffees in one sitting (I may have been a little hyper by the time I got home)

drexels, brunch, breakfast, brunch club, wellington

The downside to being gluten free, is that you can’t eat the bread when they bring out a bread basket. Sigh; it’s such a hard life.

brunch club, brunch, breakfast, wellington, drexels

there were so many options to choose from (pretty much everything could be made gluten free), and I got a bit overwhelmed. I ended up choosing the Drexels Special (I went with poached eggs, bacon and a 1/2 waffle)

brunch club, breakfast, brunch, drexels, wellington

The waffles were so good, that when I got home I raved about it to Phillip and told him I would be taking him there for a birthday breakfast.

Follow up breakfast

As promised, I took Phillip to Drexels for a birthday breakfast, which aside from being seated next to Mrs Whingebag/Complain-About-All-Things (it isn’t that hard to be nice to people/not be a complete dick when something isn’t to your liking) was great.

drexels, breakfast, brunch club, brunch, eateries, wellington

I was a bit tired, so started with a bottomless coffee (I learnt my lesson the last time, and only had two this time around)

drexels, breakfast, brunch club, brunch, eateries, wellington

Phillip had waffles with bacon, banana and real Canadian maple syrup (I just used the maple syrup that was in a pitcher on the table; as much as I love Candian maple syrup, I don’t love it $2.50 for a 25ml pottle love it).

drexels, breakfast, brunch club, brunch, eateries, wellington

I had the Drexels Breakfast Treat and went with spiced apple compote and waffles (which I smothered in the maple syrup that was on the table).

If you’re gluten free and you’re looking for a place that does waffles and pancakes in Wellington (or Christchurch) I can definitely recommend this place.

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