Summary of February 2015

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heart Death To Stock (Under License)

It’s time for another monthly summary post, and while February has had some incredibly awesome parts (alpaca farm tour anyone?!?), it has also been incredibly draining and I’m glad to see the back of it.

heart This Month Last Year
I turned 30, and I celebrated by running away to Auckland with my husband and hiding away at The Langham. I got a massage at Chuan Spa, and it was the best way to celebrate getting olderĀ 

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Feelings are gross selfie of my husband and I

heart Entertained By
The alpaca farm tour at Surico.

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heart Purchased:
Lots of things I don’t need to make me feel better, yay retail therapy!

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heart Watching:
I haven’t been watching much lately.

heart Listening to:
Lots of The Weekend, and a spotify cardio mix I made.

heart Highlights:
The alpaca farm tour, my birthday weekend away in Rotorua, date night with my boo, putting too much bubble bath in the spa, pho dates and macaron from Louis Sergeant.

alpaca, surico, suri, rotorua, new zealand vacation, holiday

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feel good, highlights, monthly summary, summary of the month

heart Lowlights:
Depression, it sucks and sometimes just creeps up on you.

heart Looking Forward To:
Easter weekend in just over a month and our trip to Auckland; I really need the time off/away (I’m going to be spending a day in Auckland by myself while Phillip is at a conference, so if you have ideas of things for me to do in the CBD let me know).

How has February been for you? What have your highlights and lowlights been? xx

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