Taking Stock – My Life, Right Now

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heart Mark Spurgeon via Flickr: Creative Commons

I know, I know; it’s only been a month since I last did a ‘taking stock’ post. I just thought that seeing as Ive been pretty down lately, it might be a nice idea to take some time out to think about the things going on around me, in the hopes that it might give me some perspective.

I am going to try my best to avoid being sarcastic and flippant and to answer each question as honestly as possible. I’ve recently realised that I used humour as a shield when I’m feeling vulnerable, but instead of sounding funny, I end up looking like a huge bitch…

Making: Cranberry punch; it’s delicious
Cooking: Lots of greasy food (I may or may not eat my feelings)
Drinking: Cranberry punch and lots of tea
Reading: Nothing at the moment, which is bad seeing as I have so many unread eBooks on my kindle
Wanting: To go on holiday; I need a break
Looking: Alright for how tired I feel
Playing: Bejewelled and Threes, because I have them on my phone
Deciding: If I’m going to start posting on the Youtube channel I created
Wishing: For cooler nights; I can’t sleep!
Enjoying: This extended summer we’re having
Waiting: For our trip to Auckland in April
Liking: Working out, although I haven’t done it in a while
Wondering: How much money I can save by the end of the year
Loving: Daim Bars
Pondering: Whether or not I want to buy some clothes from Yours Clothing
Considering: making soy based candles and soaps and selling them online
Watching: Lots of crap TV on Netflix (crap TV and movies are good for the soul)
Hoping: We Phillip gets a diagnosis soon
Marvelling: The strength my husband has
Needing: A break
Smelling: Like someone who just had a bath.
Wearing: Lazy day clothes (leopard print harem pants and an oversized merino dress)
Following: The new #BrunchClub interests page
Noticing: That the tui that likes waking people up in the morning is back
Knowing: Everything will be okay, even if I don’t feel it at the moment
Thinking: About pumpkin pie cheese cake
Admiring: Corrine
Sorting: Through my makeup, trying to declutter (as per normal)
Buying: Antipodes skincare products
Getting: Annoyed at myself for being depressed (husband is lovely and gave me a hug and said “you can’t help it”, which is true, but doesn’t stop me being annoyed)
Bookmarking: Blog friendly resources for stock photos/music.
Disliking: My head space at the moment, it sucks
Opening: Up about my thoughts and feelings
Giggling: At James Hunt’s t-shirt
Feeling: Like everything is a bit too much
Snacking: The last of the jelly beans from our trip to Rotorua
Coveting: A mountain of candy (probably don’t need one though)
Helping: Myself by doing something other than wallowing
Hearing: If It Wasn’t For You – Handsome Boy Modelling School


    • Kahurangi says:

      Thanks :) I had a day off yesterday, really needed it, I was going a bit nuts (it has been so busy at work the past week and a bit).

      I can’t wait until April (easter weekend AND our Auckland trip – yaaaay!!)

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