#TasteIndulge – Zomato Meetup At Chameleon Restaurant

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On Wednesday night, attended the first zomato meetup/food event held in Wellington. The event was held at Chameleon Restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel, where we sampled a collection of plates from the new Autumn menu (Geoff Naumann the director of sales & marketing at the Intercontinental explained that the menu changes seasonally), which were paired with wines from Ata Rangi

I headed down to Chameleon after work, and was so nervous that I walked around the block twice before going in (the week before I had considered declining the invitation to attend because i was so nervous; I’m so glad I didn’t, because it was such an awesome night).

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When I was arrived, I was shown to area of the lobby where the group was seated and met Shaun and James from zomato, Helen Masters (the Head WImemaker at Ata Rangi), Geoff from the hotel, and bunch of awesome lady-bloggers (who I will link to at the end of this post).

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When we made our we into the restaurant Geoff showed us to our seats and explained that we each had a customised menu to go with out tastes/dietary requirements. We hadn’t seen the menu beforehand as the restaurant had asked for an element of surprise, which would usually scare me, turns out I didn’t need to worry, the food was fantastic and everything on my menu was gluten free.

Geoff also explained that the menu doesn’t have courses, instead it’s a selection of plates that you can choose based on when and how you want to eat them and that there will always something gluten free, vegetarian or vegan.

food, food event, zomato, chameleon restaurant, wellington

My first plate was an avocado tartare with cornichon, toasted saganaki, beetroot chips and coriander juice. This was paired a Dry Resiling, which was probably my favourite wine of the night. I’m not a huge fan of red wine, and definitely prefer a dry white.

food, food event, zomato, chameleon restaurant, wellington

My second plate was the kingfish gravlax with créme fraîche, vodka, cucumber, tomato jelly and watercress. This was paired with a Chardonnay.

food, food event, zomato, chameleon restaurant, wellington

My third plate was the lamb rack and braised neck with wild thyme honeyed caramelised yoghurt, black garlic, brussels and shiitake. This was paired with a Pinot Noir and a Syrah.

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For dessert I had some hand churned ice creams and sorbet (apricot sorbet, cherry ice cream and cappuccino ice cream), and they were amazing. My favourite was definitely the cappucino, I really wished it could go on forever, sadly though, all good things must come to an end.

petit fours, dessert, food, food event, chameleon restaurant, zomato, wellington

To finish off we had the petit fours (for my table the plate was entirely gluten free, I had the chocolatey one at the end, and while I don’t look nutty/fruity chocolate bars, this was next level) and tea or coffee (I had chamomile tea).

After the event, Geoff asked how I liked it and if I would be back again. I am sure my husband would enjoy the food, so I definitely plan on bringing him back for a meal. We don’t have an anniversary or a special occasion coming up, but the food and was service was so great that I really want to have another meal there sometime soon (life’s too short not to treat yourself, right?)

I am so glad that I decided to say yes to this event, not only was the food great, but the company was great too and I got to meet some awesome bloggers from Wellington (I will definitely be going to the next #brunchclub brunch).

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