Weekly Gratitude List

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It’s been a couple of weeks since I lasted posted a weekly gratitude list. It’s not that I haven’t been had anything to be grateful for/haven’t been meaning to post; I’ve just been busy, and sick (yes, sick again; there’s a viral infection currently doing the rounds at work – seasonal viruses and open plan floors are a bad combo).

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s about time I shared some of the things I’m currently grateful for (I have started a gratitude journal, where I write a list of five things each day I’m grateful for, and was thinking of doing that for this post and as a format for future posts, but I think I left it at work). 

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I Am Grateful For

heart The zomato event last week, facing my fears and making new friends.
heart Meeting other bloggers from Wellington (I’m definitely going to start going to brunch club)
heart Brunch (we went back to Neo so I could have the Eggs Benedict and had lunch at the Chocolate Frog today; I got the Eggs Benny, of course).
heart The salted caramel flat whites at Sweet Release.
heart A day off (took the day off last week; it was much needed).
heart Me-time (face mask + tea on my day off = doing it right).
heart Sleep (I’ve been curled up in bed the past three days; being sick sucks, but getting sleep is awesome).
heart My new niece, she was born on Wednesday and as I am feeling a bit better we visited in the morning, she’s gorgeous.
heart A phone call from my youngest brother.
heart Hugs when I am feeling overwhelmed/sad.
heart Skinny jeans that fit over my thick Island Girl thighs.
heart Future plans (I’m going to be saving my ass off this year, but this holiday is going to happen).

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food, love, eggs benedict, brunch, grateful

What/who are you currently grateful for? xx

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