Weekly Gratitude List

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Happy Wednesday everybody, I hope you’re all having a great week; if not just remember that it’s almost the weekend (sometimes I feel like that’s the only thing keeping me together “it’s Wednesday, then it’s Thursday and then it’s Friday”, it gets like that sometimes though) and soon this week will be over. 

Anyway, mentioned in my previous WGL post, I’m going to be trying something different; instead of posting a huge list of things I am grateful for, I’m going to share five things each day that I’m grateful for/have made me smile over the week.

I’ve been busy as hell lately, and I feel that this would be a great way of getting me to focus on the things that really matter.


heart Going self hosted; I’m very excited about this.
heart That I have a husband who goes on junk food runs.
heart Me-time (a face mask and a long bath = bliss).
heart A comfortable bed.
heart Hugs when I’m feeling down.


heart Rain; I’m really hoping for cooler nights.
heart I’m going to my first #BrunchClub brunch this weekend and I can’t wait!
heart Doing nice things for others. I wrote about the ‘happiness activities‘ that I find worthwhile a while ago, and making other’s smile/feel better is definitely something that melts my heart.
heart Peacherines (they’re finally in season! I have been waiting for so long)
heart Scratch & Sniff cupcake stickers.


heart Comfort food. The weather turned a bit, and so we had goulash for dinner.
heart Buying a new Your Home & Garden magazine (it’s the only magazine I buy religiously).
heart Cooler nights; I’ve been loving the extended summer we’ve been having, but I haven’t been sleeping all that well.
heart Great workmates
heart The Vampire Academy soundtrack (I haven’t read the books or seen the movie, but the soundtrack is amazing).


heart I’m halfway through the work week.
heart Brushing my teeth with my husband; it’s our morning routine (I know, feelings are gross).
heart The necklace I bought today.
heart Cups of tea (my husband just brought me one).
heart That it’s Easter weekend in two weeks (yay for the long weekend!)

That’s a few of the things I am currently grateful for. What/who are you grateful for at the moment? xx

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