Weekly Gratitude List

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Happy Wednesday lovely people; I hope you’ve all had a great week, and if not, just remember that it’s almost the weekend.

My week has been alright. I’m not going to lie, there have been some parts of this week that have been incredibly shit, but there have also been some parts that have really great. So, instead of sharing the gloom-and-doom crappiness, here are the things I have been grateful for this past week. 


heart Catching up with Rochelle for lunch and discussing life goals. I’m so glad I have a friend who has similar life aspirations.
heart Having my favourite food for dinner (if you were wondering, it’s pesto, avocado, tomato and poached eggs on toast).
heart A nice long bath after a very long day.
heart Bundling up all warm and watching TV in bed with the husband (mum, don’t worry, we were watching TV on the laptop; we don’t have a TV in our room).
heart iZombie (if you love Veronica Mars, you will love this).


heart It’s the start of the weekend.
heart A husband who brings home junk food (downside to the junk food, is that I’m now getting eczema and am breaking out in hives).
heart My new bag.
heart Great weather.
heart The countdown to the Easter break (I get to see dogs; I’m excited about seeing one dog in particular).

in my bag, what's in my bag


heart Coffee.
heart The Lewis Road Creamery x Whittaker’s Chocolate milk.
heart A clean apartment.
heart Sitting down and chatting about blog stuff with the husband.
heart Finding things I thought I had lost (I found my wacom pen, yay!)


heart Going to my first #BrunchClub brunch (I will definitely be going to more).
heart Bottomless coffee at Drexel’s (I might have had a bit too much, but hey, you only live once).
heart My new iPad case (I finally found a case for my iPad, and it has a bluetooth keyboard, which is handy).
heart Cake.



heart My husband (it was his birthday, and feeling are gross).
heart Soup (my throat hurt like hell, and so French onion soup was a great idea).
heart Netflix (I got sent home from work because I was sick and stayed in bed watching crappy movies).
heart Crappy magazines (I bought a copy of That’s Life; don’t judge me, I wasn’t feeling very well)
heart San Pellegrino Aranciata Rosa (blood orange is my all time favourite flavour).


heart Soup (more soup for lunch, it was chicken this time).
heart Sleep.
heart Blitz (nothing like a crappy game to keep you occupied when you’re unwell)
heart A comfortable bed.
heart Pasta for dinner.


heart Hannah’s honey mustard chicken bake (we had it for dinner tonight, and man was it good!!)
heart Hugs when I’m feeling down.
heart Talking about possible travel plans with Phillip.
heart A gin after a long day.
heart New Girl (catching up on shows is the best).

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