Weekly Gratitude List

weekly gratitude list

Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you’re all having a great week. My week has been pretty busy, good, but busy (I’m really looking forward to the long weekend, because I really need a break).

Anyway Wednesday is the day that I share the things I’m grateful for with you guys; I’ve been keeping gratitude journals on and off for years and I find that counting my blessings helps me keep focused on the positive things happening in my life. 


heart I opened my first ‘proper‘ savings account (I’ve had savings accounts before, this one is a ‘pie call’ account).
heart That I have a husband who helps me fill out forms when I have no idea what to write.
heart An early night, I haven’t been sleeping well lately.
heart Discussing possible travel plans with my husband.
heart Feeling so full of love, I feel that my heart could burst.


heart It’s Friday (I think I’ve been grateful for Friday just being for about a month? Seriously though, I’ve been so thankful for the weekend lately).
heart A good cider after a long week.
heart Finding great spotify playlists.
heart Really good cheese.
heart That it’s one week until Easter break


drexels, breakfast, brunch club, brunch, eateries, wellington

heart Breakfast at Drexel’s.
heart Talking to mum on the phone.
heart A good hearty dinner (we made Hannah’s Kumara Hash with Baked Eggs, and man it was good).
heart That peacherines are in season (also grateful for when they’re put through as peaches, because they cost less).
heart Games that keep me occupied.


heart Talking about travel plans (it looks like this trip might actually be happening, and I am so excited).
heart Cups of tea,
heart Having winter/autumnal candles burning – today it was cinnamon bun.
heart A sleep in.
heart A long bath at the end of the day.


heart Great weather.
heart Working out finances (I’m probably excited about this because it’s for the trip I’m planning).
heart An early night (again? Yep, I’m such a nana).
heart When things go well.
heart That it’s a short work week.


heart Laughing so hard my cheeks hurt.
heart Great work mates.
heart My husband because hearts for eyes emoji
heart Unexpected emails.
heart Water (I took Dani’s advice and have upped my water intake and my skin is loving me for it).


gratitude list

heart That tomorrow is my Friday.
heart Running into friends on my way to work.
heart Surprise candy.
heart Chilling by myself when I need some time out.
heart Having things to look forward to.

That’s it for this week, I think I’m going to go have a bath and then see if the latest episode of iZombie is up on TVNZ On Demand, because I am seriously addicted to that show.

. What are three things that you are grateful for right now?


  1. Hannah Gordon says:

    I am grateful for…
    * My newish flat and my pretty awesome flatmates,
    * that I’m going away for the long weekend, and
    * having lovely friends:)

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