#NobodyIsAlone – Discussing Mental Health

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I was going to post this a couple of weeks ago, but if you’ve read my last couple of posts, you’ll know I’ve been pretty down and out lately and haven’t been in the mood to do much, very fitting, I think… 

Seeing as this post is about mental health and how nobody is alone, it’s perfect timing, right? Jokes aside, long time readers of my blog will know that I struggled with depression and anxiety for a while (I blogged about what depression feels is like, and what I feel helps a few years ago, and I talk about how I feel overwhelmed and rundown a bit), so when I saw the #nobodyisalone blog challenge/collaboration created by Dee of The Restless Empire and Stephanie of Stephanie Marija I wanted to talk part.

#nobodyisalone #meantalhealth mental health, nobody is alone

Age: 31

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Occupation: Office Administrator

Is, or has your mental health ever been of concern to you or others? Yes, I tend to become very withdrawn when I’m depressed and really can’t be bothered doing anything aside from staying in bed all day.

Have you sought help for issues to relating to your mental health? Yes, I’ve had counselling and have been on medication in the past.

Have you ever felt anxious or had a panic attack? Yes, the last time I had really bad anxiety, I went to the doctors who put me on course about dealing with stress. It helped a lot. Not going to lie, I still have those panicky moments, but they’re usually few and far between now.

What triggers you to feel anxious or low, in terms of your mood? Having too much going on and not being able to focus clearly is probably the biggest trigger for me.

At what times is your self-confidence at its lowest? My self esteem takes a hit when I’m down; I start doubting myself and replaying the tired narrative of not being enough, which of course makes me feel worse. It’s a vicious cycle.

What strategies to you use to cope when feeling anxious or low? I find that writing gratitude lists helps me, and so does doing nice things for the people I care about; I really like making other people smile.

Does anxiety or a low mood have a physical affect on you? Yes, when I’m feeling down, I break out in pimples and my immune system takes a nose dive.

Do you know anybody who suffers from a mental illness? Yes, I have friends family who suffer various mental illnesses.

Do you feel there’s a stigma around mental illness? Yes, definitely.

What do you think can be done to change attitudes to mental illness? Awareness mostly.

What advice do you have for someone suffering from a mental illness? That you’re not alone, that it’s okay to get help and that you need to look after yourself.


  1. frecklenz says:

    Brave post xxx
    I especially like your advice that anyone is not alone, its okay to get help and remember to take care of yourself. Great advice – Jess

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