Taking Stock – My Life Right Now

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It’s been about a month since I last did a Taking Stock post, I decided to do it again because quite a bit has changed since my last TS post (I was a bit of a wreck) and it has been popping up in my RSS reader lately, so I thought I’d jump on board that #NZBloggers train and join in.

Making: Nothing much at the moment, I’ve been pretty sick lately, and aside from watching online TV and napping, I haven’t been doing much at all.

Cooking: I made some pumpkin soup on Tuesday, and it was amazing.

Drinking: Lots of juice and lemsip.

Reading: The trashiest of trashy magazines, really mindless stuff for when my brain won’t focus. I just finished a couple of books though Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, which was awesome and Twitterature: The World’s Greatest Books in Twenty Tweets or Less, which was okay (it had it’s funny moments).

Wanting: To have something to do. I’m so bored.

Looking: At hotels in Australia for a possible end of year trip (just in case we don’t end up going to Canada). My eyes may have popped out of my head when I saw the room prices per night at the Langham Sydney (Turns out the eye popping prices was down to me being an idiot, I had selected 4 children, instead of none, and so it was only showing me suites).

Playing: With my tamagotchi. I downloaded the app a few weeks ago (I deleted it yesterday after killing three; I’m just as bad at keeping tamagotchis alive as I was when I was a teen).

Deciding: How many nights we’d stay at the Langham if we end up going to Australia.

Wishing: That I had a clean house and places to put everything

Enjoying: Being able to rest. A much as I am over being sick, it has been nice to catch up on sleep.

Waiting: For the minion movie to come out.

Liking: The new vanilla and apple white chocolate from Whittaker’s new artisan range, it’s amazing (in the words of Stewie Griffin, OMG THERE’S AN ORGY IN MY MOUTH – you’d think I’d be able to find a youtube clip for that, but no).

Wondering: What will happen in the iZombie season finale.

Loving: The gluten/dairy free popcorn chicken from Miss Kangsta in the food court at the Capital Market on Willis Street.

Pondering: Why, is it that when I’m sick I sleep really well?!

Considering: Doing a night course. Not what I would do though. Something creative, maybe.

Buying: eBooks, magazines, juice and medicine (all the things a sick person needs).

Watching: iZombie, I have watched episode 11 more times than I can count (definitely my favourite episode so far) and romantic comedies (13 Going On 30 is the best).

Hoping: We go to Canada at the end of the year.

Marvelling: At the stars.

Cringing: People being dumb, which is what I cringe about all the time tbh.

Needing: Dessert! Okay, wanting, not needing.

Questioning: The meaning of life (not really).

Smelling: My Ecoya caramelised plum pudding candle; I’ve been burning it a bit lately.

Wearing: Maroon ponte pants, a long merino wool dress and a knitted poncho type thing.

Following: Blogs again! I’m so glad I ended up downloading Readkit.

Noticing: I have been less stressed out lately. I love my workmates and am so grateful to have a job, but sometimes it drives me insane.

Knowing: Everything is going to be okay.

Thinking: About picking a scab. I won’t though.

Admiring: Phillip. I know, feelings are gross, but considering what he’s going through, he has been amazing.

Sorting: My office out, because it’s a hell of a mess at the moment. I feel like I need more storage, but I probably just need to get rid of stuff.

Getting: A bit bored of staying home, not doing much.

Bookmarking: A few blog posts on readkit to go back to later on (mainly DIYs to try).

Coveting: A tidy house, with places to put everything (we ran out of cupboard space when we bought our new fridge). Seriously, I’m like a hoarder with an inner minimalist, and it drives me insane.

Disliking: Headache dreams. The dreams I have when I have headaches in my sleep are the worst things ever. The most memorable was when I had a migraine. I was in Gotham City, and then penguin ran around turning EVERY single light on.

Giggling: At this video of a dog, failing and catching food in its mouth.

Feeling: A little headachey.

Snacking: I haven’t really been snacking on anything lately.

Wishing: We knew what Phillip has. Hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Hearing: Don’t Wait by Mapei – I’m currently listening to Spotify’s Evening Commute Mix.


  1. thisismeagankerr says:

    I need to do one of these! Thanks for the prompt, lovely :D

    PS I adore the Ecoya caramelised plum pudding candle and am so gutted that mine is all gone. It’s got the teeniest bit in the bottom of the jar (just enough to retain the scent), so I’m sitting here sniffing it hehe

    • Kahurangi says:

      Do it! it’s a great way of getting everything out – seeing where you at a certain point in time. I really enjoy these types of posts :)

      It’s so good, right? I’m burning the last of mine at the moment. I’m going to miss it when it’s gone!

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