Summary of June 2015

heart This Time Last Year
Nothing too exciting was happening; I was still getting used to my camera and had started counting down the days until our trip to Canada.

heart Entertained by:
Minions, we saw the movie on Saturday and it was so lovely (I am minion obsessed and have figurines on my desk at work as well as in my office). I’ve also started playing Far Cry 3 on, and really enjoy it.

minions, minions movie, love,

heart Purchased:
Visits to my GP/medicine. I’ve been sick as hell lately and have been to the doctor’s about four times in the past monty. Shit ain’t cheap. Also, I’ve been buying a crap tonne of lush bath bombs and bubble bars lately.

winter lurgy, flu, sick, lurgy

heart Watching:
IZombie as usual. The season has finished, so I need to wait another year to get my fix

heart Listing to:
Lots of Skrillex, especially Make It Bun Dem and Bangarang.

heart Highlights:
Jelly TIp Whittaker’s chocolate (it’s so good), the minion movie, catching up with a friend for brunch, pho (I haven’t been wanting to eat much aside from pho lately), the pineapple container my SiL gave me (thank you so much T) and seeing my nieces; they’re gorgeous.

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winter lurgy, flu, sick, lurgy

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heart Lowlights:
Being sick, I’m so over it

winter lurgy, flu, sick, lurgy

heart Looking Forward To:
We’re going to see Inside Out this weekend, and I can’t wait.

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