Current Skincare Products

current skincare products, skincare

On my most recent ‘recent purchases post‘ it was suggested that I do a post about skincare products I’ve used and whether or not I’d purchase them again.

I’m thinking of doing a Monthly Favourites/Empties type video on my youtube channel, and so decided that for this post, I’d share the skincare products I’m currently using and what I think about them instead. 

current skincare products, skincare

A while ago after a massive junk food binge, my cheeks broke out in a massive rash (they still haven’t fully recovered), so the products I’m using at the moment are suitable for sensitive skin.


Sukin Micellar Water – this is the third micellar water I’ve tried, and while it isn’t my favourite it does the job. I’d highly recommend trying it if you want to try micellar water but prefer skincare products that use natural ingredients. .


Goodness Chia Seed Oil – Lately I’ve been triple layering it with the moisturiser. The first layer is the goodness chia seed oil, which I’m loving. It’s incredibly light-weight, applies really smoothly and doesn’t smell anywhere near as strong as rosehip oil (I love rosehip oil, but found that the rosehip oil I was using was too heavy/smelled way too strong).

Trilogy Everything Balm – The lovely Kim suggested that I try Trilogy’s everything balm when my skin broke out from the junk food binge. I bought it recently, and holy shit this stuff is amazing. While my cheeks are still pretty irritated it has soothed it quite a bit. I also use it as a cuticle treatment, and can’t rave about it enough.

Goodness Every Morning Moisturiser – I bought this a few days ago and am in love. It smells amazing, is super light-weight and unlike my previous moisturiser hasn’t further irritated my cheeks.

Eye Cream

Antipodes Kiwi Seed Oil – This stuff is light-weight and is incredibly soothing and easy to apply (my previous eye cream was way too thick, and I felt like I was pulling the skin under my eyes every time I applied it).


Hurraw! Lip Balm – I bought a couple of these lip balms a few weeks ago (cherry and cinnamon) and while I love the creaminess and the fact that they are incredibly soothing and hydrating I was a bit disappointed that the flavour isn’t as strong as I had wanted it to (seriously though, that’s the only fault I have them).

Hand Cream

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter – I’ve never really been a fan of cocoa butter, I just find that its way too thick. Lately though, my hands have been so damn dry and cracked (I’ve somehow managed to get callouses on both my little fingers) and it has been exactly what I’ve needed. As great as this stuff has been, I’m still not really a fan, so any recommendations for hand creams that work just as well would be greatly appreciated.

What skincare products are you currently using? What is your go to at the moment? 

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