Summary of August 2015

summary of August 2015
It’s time for me to post my Summary of August 2015, and I feel that I say this every time I do one of these posts, but I’m going to say it again; it’s August already?! When did that happen?! Where the hell has this year gone??? Anyway, enough blabbing, here’s what August has looked like for me.

This Month Last Year: 
I started blogging regularly and joined a couple of awesome New Zealand based blogging communities (#BrunchClub and #NZBloggers). I can’t remember how I found them, but if you’re in New Zealand and would like to connect with some awesome bloggers, than I highly recommend both of these groups.

Also, the Wellington Lux was happening and I took a bunch of photos (and blogged about it, obviously).

Entertained By: 
People’s reaction to my hair.  One of my workmates keeps going “do you know Kahu? She used to work here” whenever he walks past me. I cut all of my hair off at the beginning of the month, and posted a video explaining why I did it (I’m still just as nervous tbh).

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Most of my money the past couple of months has gone into my savings account, but I did buy a couple of things that were kind of pricey.

These were a FitBit HR and my new wallet (it was half price, but still more than I would usually pay for a wallet).

I also got a few things for my office from K Mart (can we take a moment to appreciate how cute and cheap things from K Mart are?! I’m constantly trying to get Phillip to take me out to Porirua, just so we can go to K Mart now).

summary of august 2015, fitbit

summary of august 2015, wallet

summary of august 2015, k-mart

I haven’t watched any TV shows lately (although, I did binge watch Bones when I was at home sick last week). I’ve mainly just been watching youtube videos; I’m currently obsessed with Shaaanxo’s daily vlogs .

Listening to:
This month, I’ve been listening to The Weeknd’s  song Wicked Games; I’ve also had his new album Beauty Behind The Madness on repeat.

Catching up with Sarah from Zomato (we caught up at The Hangar, and they do an amazing gluten-free brownie), finally hanging art on our walls, catching up with my SiL and my lovely nieces, Scott Dixon wining his fourth Indy Car Championship, and getting my blog back up and running.

summary of august 2015, gluten free, the hangar

Our leaky apartment, it’s pretty shitty but there isn’t anything that we can do about it. We just need to wait and see what the plans  for the building will be.

At the moment, it’s looking like the building will be uninhabitable for a year, so we’re currently looking at wha tour options will be (I’m hoping for a working holiday in Canada, but we’ll see).

Looking Forward To: 
The end of November and a friend’s wedding in December.

So, that’s August for me in a nutshell, what was it like for you? xx

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