Summary of July 2015

monthly summary. july 2015, Summary of July 2015

Hello again; man it’s been a while! I have a good excuse for being MIA for so long though; the husband and I have spent most of the month(well mainly the husband), making the move to self hosted. I’m not gonna lie, it has been a massive pain in the ass, but I’ve learnt a lot (especially about featured images – who knew you’d need those? Not me!)

Anyway. not that I’m back up and running, I am going to make sure to get a regular posting schedule going again. I always find it a bit awkward getting back into the hang of writing again, when it’s been so long, so bear with me if I’m a bit rusty.

Anyway, enough blabbering, here’s my summary of July 2015. 

heart This time Last Year: 
We were in Toronto, and it was amazing. Timehop was been taunting me with how great it was, and I really want to go back.


heart Entertained By:
Dad jokes  (especially the one that was on my healthries tea bag)and random things (I saw part of a brake light on the side of the road near work and someone had put little scarves on some bottles of juice at the supermarket; it was cute, but pretty random).

monthly summary, summary of july 2015, july 2015

heart Purchased: 
Most of my money went into my savings account and on the washing machine we need to pay off; how adult of me.

heart Watching: 
The 100. My workmate recommended it, and I’ve been hooked.

heart Listening To:
Can’t Feel My Face by The Weeknd. Seriously catchy (not sure about the video though).

heart Highlights:
Dinner and quiz with my sister and her boyfriend, waffles (we bought a new waffle maker) and snuggles with bae.

monthly summary, summary of july 2015, july 2015

heart Lowlights:
How long it took to get my blog up and running (we’re there now though!)

heart Looking Forward To:
A friend’s wedding in December; we’ve booked our hotel and I’ m pretty excited

So, what have you been up to while I’ve been away? xx


  1. thisismeagankerr says:

    Hey lovely, glad to have you back – and loving the new blog look! As soon as I read “juice with scarves” I knew exactly what you were talking about! Some knitting groups made the little scarves as part of a winter promo for Charlie’s, and in thanks Charlie’s are donating 25km of wool so the knitters can continue to support charities like Kidz First, Starship and the Prem Unit at Waitakere Hospital. Isn’t that rad?

    • Kahurangi says:

      Thanks love, it’s great having my own space to do things with :)
      Not fully what I want it to be yet, but we’re getting there – very exciting!

      That juice thing, is really cool! I wasn’t sure what it was about, but that is awesome :)

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