Taking Stock

Taking Stock, Life Update, Life

It’s Sunday morning, and I’m really not sure how to get back into this regular posting thing, so I figured a good way to start would be by doing a Taking Stock post, and sharing where I’m currently at with you. 

Making: Good choices, my office and my blog look pretty. 

Cooking: The last thing I cooked was the roasted tomato soup from Thug Kitchen (I’m currently deciding whether or not I want to buy the cookbook, does anyone have it? Is it worth it?). 

Drinking: Lately, I’ve been drinking a lot of water (I bought a water bottle with a fruit infuser at the supermarket and it has been great). Right now, I’m drinking a cup of tea in a ridiculously huge (but super cute) mug I bought at K Mart. 

taking stock, life, life update, watermelon mug

Reading: Nothing at the moment. I started reading Matched by Ally Condie when I was sick a while ago, but haven’t got around to finishing it.  

Wanting: For things to work out. 

Looking: At the Canada/North America/South America Air NZ sale prices and daydreaming about a Canadian holiday. 


Playing: A workout mix on spotify. Currently playing is I can’t Lose (Duke Dumont Remix by Mark Ronson). 

Deciding: On what to do next year. 

Wishing: Things were simple. 

Enjoying: The weekend. 

Waiting: For our Body Corporate EGM, so we can find out how bad the cladding situation is, and what we want to do. 

Liking: My haircut (oh yeah, I chopped off all my hair). 

taking stock, life, life update, hairchut

Wondering: If I can can actually do the things I want to do (the answer is yet, I’m just to afraid to do it). 

Loving: Having a supportive husband. 

Pondering: What to do today. 

Considering: Going for a walk; just checked the weather, maybe not. 

Buying: Not at lot at the moment; most of my money has gone into my savings account. How adult of me. 

Watching: The 100, a workmate recommend it, and I’ve been hooked. 

Hoping: Everything will work out. This is usually something I *know*, but I’m not really feeling it right now. 

Marvelling: At the universe. 

Cringing: Not at a lot lately. 

Needing: A break. 

Questioning: Not much. 

Smelling: Nothing at the moment, my nose is kind of blocked. 

Wearing: Leggings, a sports tank top and a hoodie. I’m going to have a shower and get dressed after I post this. 

Following: A couple of things in the news. 

Noticing: How comfortable my new desk chair is. The last one was from The Warehouse and cost $15, I leant back on it and broke it. 

Knowing: Phillip’s got my StressPants back, and that things will be okay (I feel really sorry for him having to continuously reassure his worrywart wife that things will be okay).  

Thinking: Of running away. 

Admiring: People who see the silver lining to everything. 

Sorting: Out a new email address for the new self hosted blog. 

Getting: A magic bullet (maybe, hopefully) next week. 

Bookmarking: Pages on colorHexa (trying to work out what colours work well together so I can use them on the blog. 

Coveting: dogs; I really want an Italian Greyhound or this Chinese Crested cross currently at the Wellington SPCA. 

Disliking: That our apartment block is leaky (the cladding is fucked).

Opening: Doors to new and exciting things. 

Giggling: At the three cheeky whippets DESTROYING their owner’s bed. I think the guy’s commentary is hilarious. 

Feeling: Pissed off, and worried (see disliking – pissed off because it was the apartment that I chose and kind of feeling like I can’t do anything right). 

Snacking: Not much lately; I’ve been trying to cut down my sugar intake. 

Wishing: That the following week will go smoothly. 

Helping: Phillip hang things on the wall ; well telling him where I want them to go, that’s helping – right? 

Hearing: Work Bitch by Britney Spears. 

What’s currently going in your life? If you would like to do a Taking Stock post as well, you can find the blank list over on Pip’s blog.

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