Iherb Haul (gluten free snacks)

iherb haul

I made my first iherb order recently – while looking at their website, I saw that they had a large selection of gluten-free snacks and I decided to finally place an order (if you’re a long time reader of things blog, you’ll know how much I love food). I’m so glad I did, everything was fairly cheap (way cheaper than if I were to buy it in New Zealand) and it arrived within the week.

iherb haul

I bought a couple of  make-up items that I had wanted for a while, but mainly it was food.


  • Enjoy Life soft baked snickerdoodles: I love these things; Phillip isn’t a huge fan, he reckons that cookies should be hard (or chewy) not soft.
  • Lucy’s cinnamon thins: I loved these. They taste like speculoos, which is something I’ve missed since I stopped eating gluten. Sadly, I can’t eat these either as they contain oats (gluten -free oats, but I’m one of those people who reacts to both gluten and avenin), which sucks, but more cookies for Phillip, right?
  • Glutino chocolate vanilla cremes: we had these while we were in Canada, and man they’re amazing.
  • Annie’s cinnamon sugar snickerdoodles:  these are delicious and cute as hell (they’re tiny bunnies)
  • Kinnikinnick S’morables graham style crackers:  these are pretty average on their own, they kind of remind me of a digestive biscuit. We made smores the other day though, and OMG they were fantastic (they would be the death of me if I could be bothered making them myself).
  • Twinings pumpkin spice chai tea: this was one of the food items I was the most excited about, because I love pumpkin spice, but man it was disappointing; it just tastes like chai tea.


iherb haul

  • E.L.F 80 piece day to night eyeshadow palette:  I am in love with this; I am fairly new to the world of makeup, and eye makeup has been one of my biggest hurdles. I’ve been getting better at it though, and can’t wait to play around with this palette.
  • Ecotools six piece essential eye set: I really needed some eyeshadow brushes, so decided to get this. With this set, I find the brush handles too short, and the actual brush part too big (I have fairly small eyes). I am going to use these though,, I just have to remember to use less product that I usually would.

Have you bought anything from iherb? Is there anything you have your eye on? 


    • Kahurangi says:

      iHerd is great, huh?
      I really need to place another order soon… I’m really hanging out for some more gluten free goodies, and have my eye on some acai at the moment :D

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