Brunch Club at The Arborist

brunch club at the arboristThis past Sunday I finally managed to make it to another Brunch Club brunch; the last one I went to was in March. Yeah, I know, slack.

This month Brunch Club was at The Arborist, a rooftop bar and eatery that focuses on fresh and locally produced food. They also have a fairly decent gluten-free selection; I was impressed.

brunch club at the arborist

For about a week before Brunch Club, I had been eyeing up the menu trying to work out what meals would might have a gluten-free option available; I couldn’t really tell from the website, but saw that they had gluten-free toast, and figured that I would be able to have have a couple of meals. It turns out a lot more meals have gluten-free options than is listed on the site, so if you’re gluten intolerant and worried you won’t be able to eat anything, you’ll be fine (they have gluten-free buttermilk fried chicken…)

brunch club at the arborist

I went with the Turkish Eggs – soft poached eggs with savoury  Greek yoghurt, nut chilli butter, toasted coriander seeds and toast sounds amazing, right? It was, and I pretty much demolished my meal as soon as it came out.

brunch club at the arborist

I’m really glad that I finally managed to make it out to another brunch, awesome company and great food is the best combination, and I will definitely be going back The Arborist for another mean; I’m thinking possible date night?

Other bloggers at this month’s brunch were: Georgina, TallulahPinaman, Hannah and Sophie.


    • Kahurangi says:

      You should definitely check it out, the food was amazing!
      I usually never go to a place if I can’t tell from the pnline menu what’s gluten free or not (there was only one thing listed on the website), but so many meals are either gf by default or have gf available, I was so happy! :)

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