Summary of September 2015

summary of september 2015

This post is a couple of days late… whoops! I had been stuck on what to post for a while, and had totally forgotten that it’s October already (where the hell has this year gone?!), which means that it’s time to post my Summary of September 2015. 

This month last year:
my niece turned one, I got dog cuddles and we voted in the general election. You can read my Summary of September 2014 here if you would like. 

summary of September 2015

Entertained By:
My niece; it was her second birthday, and she’s just too cute for words.

summary of September 2015

Mainly storage containers and shelves for my office, but I also bought a few things from iHerb and some things from Lush.

iherb haul

Not much, although iZombie Season 2 will be starting soon, and Bones Season 10 is now on Netflix, so i will definitely be watching both of those.

Listening to: 
The new Disclosure Album – Caracal. Especially Nocturnal (featuring The Weeknd) and Magnets (featuring Lorde)

Being lucky enough to attend the first Lush blogger’s event in Wellington; it was so much fun, starting our tradition of Fish & Chip Friday (which is pretty much getting fish and chips from The chippery in Thorndon and then finding a place to eat, our first F&C Friday dinner we parked at Oriental Bay, had dinner and then went for a walk) and seeing Anika Moa in concert with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while.

lush blogger's event

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Lowlights: I’m not sure if there have been any lowlights this month, although being sick kind of sucked.

That was September for me, i had a pretty great month and I hope you did too – what did you get up to? xx

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