Taking Stock – My Life Right Now

taking stock my life right now

We’re currently house sitting for the in-laws in Featherston, and I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of getting cabin fever. As much as I think I’d be able to handle living in the country, I’m not sure I’m cut out for this country life (mainly because I can’t drive, and I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere).

I decided, that instead of complaining about not having anything to do, that I would write a blog post instead. It’s been a while since I last did a taking stock post, and I figured it was about time to do another one. If you would like to take part, a list of blank questions can be found on Pip’s blog here

Making: Lately, I’v been making lots of almond milk; right now I’m making lavender limeade (if it works, I’ll post the recipe here in a few days).

Cooking: We’ve been meal planning lately, which isn’t very interesting, but it doe save a bit of money and eliminates the hassle of having to decide what to have for dinner each day.

Drinking: Smoothies mainly, as well as homemade almond milk (homemade almond milk sweetened with maple syrup with added cinnamon to taste is amazing).

Reading: Binge by Tyler Oakley – If you’re a Tyler Oakley fan, I highly recommend this book.

Wanting: It to be the last week of November already; I really hope the next month and a half flies by.

Looking: At hotels for when we go to Dunedin in January.

Playing: Soccer with Harry-Dog. We locked Bonnie inside, because she tries to round him up and make the fun stop; she didn’t approve, but Harry is very Happy.

Deciding: Whether or not I want to buy a nutribullet.

Wishing: I didn’t stress out so much about things. I’m thinking of writing a post about stress – how much I stress out about things, and how I deal with it – would anyone be interested in that kind of post? Let me know.

Enjoying: Having dog cuddles. Harry is my favourite.

Waiting: For the end of November.

Liking: The sun, even though I sunburn and get heat stroke like there’s no tomorrow. I was complaining about the heat earlier today, and Phillip goes “It’s not even that hot; it’s about 20 degrees! Who’s the islander here? Yeah, I know, it’s kind of embarrassing.

Wondering: If there’s life on other planets; countless stars, planets and solar systems…

Loving: Cheese on crackers for lunch, even though I’m lactose intolerant.

Pondering: Whether or not I am going to buy Harry-Dog a reindeer headband for Christmas; he would look incredibly cute in one.

Considering: Buying a nutribullet, although I’ve heard that they’re pretty shit.

Buying: Christmas presents; yeah I know, I started pretty early.

Watching: iZombie; season 2 has just started and season 10 of Bones, as it is now on Netflix.

Hoping: That I feel well rested and less stressed after the long weekend.

Marvelling: At how smart Harry-Dog is.

Cringing: At how stupid people can be; that guy who videoed himself robbing a guy and then posted it on facebook for example.

Needing: Not much at the moment; I think have just about everything that I need.

Questioning: The meaning of life, the usual.

Smelling: Right now, animals. There are two dogs, two cats, two ponies and a chicken here.

Wearing: Ponte pants, a t-shirt, a hoodie and some flats.

Following: shaaanxo’s vlogs 

Noticing: How  many thinks I take for granted, I just found out a friend has never seen fresh lavender.

Knowing: Everything will be all right.

Thinking: That I might have a bath tonight.

Admiring: People who get shit done all the time. I really wish I was self-motivated, but sadly, I’m really not.

Sorting: Through my thoughts and trying to figure what to blog about next.

Getting: A bit clucky; we were looking through old photos today and Phillip was SUCH a cute kid, that it’s making me think of our (possible) future children.

Bookmarking: Blogs to follow, in the RSS feed reader I use.

Coveting: So many beauty related products I see vlogged and blogged about.

Feeling: A lot better about my body than I have in years.

Snacking: On quite a bit of junk food this weekend.

Hearing: Past Lives by BØRNS

*Image from: Death To Stock Photo.  License: Here

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