Wellington Lush Blogger’s Event

lush blogger's event

Last week I was luckily enough to be able to attend the first blogger’s event hosted by Lush at the Old Bank Arcade store in Wellington. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and I have to admit I was nervous as hell leading up to the event (awkward introverts unite!), but I’m so glad I went, because I had an amazing time.

lush blogger's event

I was pretty early, so I walked around the block a few times before finally heading down to the and hanging out outside with a few other bloggers who were there early too.

When we first went inside, we spent a bit of time looking at products and taking photos before introducing ourselves, and saying a little something about our blogs.

lush blogger's event

The first thing we did was learn about how the angel’s on bare skin facial cleanser is made and it was really interesting to see. I worked at a lush kiosk a few years ago, and never had the chance to make any of the products, so it was really neat to see it made in front of me.

lush blogger's event

After the Angels on Bare skin cleanser was made, it was rolled out and cut into little slices, which were put into containers for each of us to take home as part of our goodie bags.

lush, bloggers event

We were then split into two groups, I decided to join the group looking at Lush’s makeup range. While we were looking at the makeup we each got an emotional brilliance reading, it’s kind of like a tarot card reading, but with colours, I guess? It was pretty fun – you can do your own here if you would like.

lush blogger's event

For my colours, I chose:

  1. Strength or weakness: motivation (which is so true. I have such a hard time staying/keeping motivated
  2. Hidden Talent (I think that was what it was): passionate
  3. What I need more of: feeing secure (which again is pretty accurate)

lush haul

After looking at makeup, we were given time to look around and shop, and were lucky enough to be able to choose an item to take home for free (I chose the mask of magniminty as my free gift, because I had been wanting to buy a pot for a while).

I went a little nuts with the shopping, and bought quite a few items, it was pay-day though, and I had been meaning to stock up on bathbomgs for a while.

If you would like to see what I got, I posted a haul on my youtube channel (seriously, I love everything I got, and have already used half of the bath bombs)

After the event, I went home and tried to sleep, but I was so wired. It was such an amazing night, and I really hope that I will be lucky enough to attend future events at Lush.

lush blogger's evnt

Do you love Lush products? What are your favourite /go-to products? 


    • Kahurangi says:

      Lush is awesome, huh? It was loveluy seeing you too :)
      Cynthia Sylvia Stout was one of my favourite shampoos when I was worked at the kiosk a few years ago, combined with retread conditioner. It worked wonders on my coarse, dry hair

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