Review: Sweet As Popcorn

sweet as popcorn

At the Brunch Club Christmas gathering, we were given goodie bags, in those bags we each got a bag of Sweet As Popcorn. I was fairy tipsy  by the time I got home, and so I munched back half the bag before I went to bed and then ate the other half when I woke up. slightly hungover in the morning.

I REALLY loved the popcorn and raved about it all day, but was told I needed to try it while I was sober to see if it was a good drunk me thought it was (if this meant popcorn/eating, I wasn’t going to say no)

Turns out drunk me has awesome taste in food, and this popcorn is amazing. So far, I have tried the kettle corn and the caramel popcorn, and while both are great, I definitely prefer the kettle corn (it’s the prefect combo of sweet and salty for me- so good).

Phillip also really likes this popcorn, which was a surprise as I don’t think he’s a huge fan of popcorn as a snack, but whenever we’re at the supermarket I’ll catch him trying to faux-sneak a bag into our shopping basket.

seriously though this stuff is great and I highly recommend grabbing a bag if come across it; click here for a link of stockists.

Have you tried sweet as popcorn? What did you  think? 

Disclaimer – I was given a bag as part of a Brunch Club goodie bag, however opinions are my own.

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