Road Trip Chronicles – C1 Espresso In Christchurch

C1 Espresso In Christchurch

During our South Island road trip, we spent a couple of nights in Christchurch. One of the things I had wanted to do while we were in Christchurch was check out C1 Espresso on HIgh Street in the CBD.

I’m not gonna lie, the only reason I wanted to go C1 was because I had heard about their sliders, and how they come to your table via pneumatic tube (what can I say, I’m a sucker for things that).  

So, tube-to-table service aside, were the sliders any good? Hell yeah, I demolished mine fairly quickly, and wanted more as soon as I was done. They were, for lack of better working, fucking fantastic.

C1 Espresso

I also got a coffee while we were there because, when in different cities, try as much coffee as you can, right? And holy shit, what a coffee it was, I actually tweeted about how I’d move to Christchurch just for the coffee after I had it (BEST long black, ever – sorry, not sorry, Wellington).

important things

  • Menus can be found here (notes are made next to items that can made gluten free, dairy free, vegan etc)
  • While our sliders were gluten free, the curly fries aren’t gluten free and I’m guessing they’re used as cushioning to keep the sliders together during their journey to your table (I didn’t try them to see if I’d have a reaction btw).

Instagram photos from our road trip can be found here

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