Road Trip Chronicles – Devil Burger Queenstown

devil burger

Our road trip turned into somewhat of a burger-fest, well for me a least – if a place we went to had a gluten free burger as an option on their menu, I needed to have it. One of the places we went to while in Queenstown, was a place called Devil Burger

Before we went on our road trip I had really wanted to check out Fergburger because I had heard so much about it. The queues were massive though; waiting in line for 30 minutes before placing an order? Ain’t nobody got time for that, I mean what if the burgers didn’t live up to the hype? I’d probably cry (as I have mentioned before, food disappointment is the worst – I felt like such a dick typing that sentence out, but hey, it is what it is)

A couple of friends had suggested Devil Burger as an alternative, so we ended up there instead. DB have two stores, one in Queenstown, and one in Invercargill. I wasn’t sure if the Queenstown store offered gluten free buns as they there isn’t anything on the website, the Invercargill menu has a note saying all mains can be made gluten free though, so we decided to check them out just in case.

Forgoing the huge line at Fergburger and going to DB instead ended up being well worth it. Not only did they have gluten free buns, but they asked if we needed our burgers gluten free because of coeliac disease, or if we just wanted gluten free buns; I was impressed.

So how were the burgers? They were AMAZEBALLS, we actually ended up going there twice, they were just so good! If you’re ever in Queenstown you’re in need (or want) of a burger, but can’t be assed waiting in line, I highly recommend these guys.

devil burger

I definitely what to check out Fergburger at some point, I think they open around 8:00 AM, so we’d probably need to wake up super early. I’m not a morning person though, but I’m also not against having burgers for breakfast, so we’ll see what happens next time we’re in Queenstown…

Important Things

While all mains at the Invercargill store can be made gluten free, if you’re coeliac, or have serious reactions to gluten I’d suggested having a chat to staff as a few of the burgers have things like crumbed chicken/hashbrowns etc.

Have you been to both Fergburger and Devil Burger? If so, which burger joint is your fave?

Instagram photos from our trip can be found here

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