Road Trip Chronicles – Big Things (South Island Edition)

big things

We like big things in New Zealand, apparently. They’re pretty much everywhere, so while we were road tripping around the South Island I took as many photos of (and with) the big things we saw during our trip as I could (yeah, I know it’s cheesy, but a little cheesiness is a great thing), and in today’s post, I am sharing big things we saw on our holiday with you.

Big Things We Saw

Big things

The big fruit in Cromwell:  This is just up the road from a juice company called Benjer – their apricot juice is possibly the best juice I have ever tasted. If you’re in the area, you should definitely check them out.

big things

The Big Salmon in Rakaia: This was the first ‘big thing’ I saw, but by the time I had pointed it out to Phillip there wasn’t anywhere we could safely turn around, so we decided to stop by on our way back.

big things

The big donut in Springfield: This is version 2 of the big donut, the original was gifted to springfield by 20th Century Fox in 2007 to help launch the Simpsons movie, it was damanged by fire in 2009. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t as big as I thought it was going to be, and I felt dodgy as fuck taking this photo, because it’s in a children’s’ playground, but at that point I was pretty committed to taking photos of every big thing I saw.

big things

The Big Crayfish in Kaikoura: Kaikoura is known for it’s crayfish; hell, it’s in the name (kaikoura pretty much means meal of crayfish, and so I was really excited to take a photo of the giant crayfish. This ended up being a blink and miss big thing, I only saw it because I was looking out the window trying to find it while we were on our way to the supermarket. Because it’s on the side of a building, I couldn’t get a photo with it which kind of sucked as I wanted to take a photo of me pretending to eat it (when going for tacky, you need to go all our; I draw the line at forced perspective photos)

I am hoping to see (and snap) more big things around New Zealand; I’ve actually made a map of big things just so when we;re travelling next we’re able to take detours just to see them.

What’s your favourite big thing? If you’re in, or have been to New Zealand, what big thing is a must see?  


  1. Meagan Kerr says:

    I love this post so much, I’m all about the big things! The carrot in Ohakune, the kiwifruit in Te Puke and the L&P bottle in Paeroa are good ones to visit.

    • Kahurangi says:

      Thanks lovely – me too! I made a point of doing the cheesiest touristy posts while we stopped to take photos of the big things, and was so disappointed I couldn’t take a photo with the crayfish in Kaikoura.
      I just had a look at routes from Taihape – Ohakune – Te Puke – Paeroa for when we do a North Island Road trip :D

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