Bathtime: Lush Review

Lush Review

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while, know that I LOVE Lush (I even worked at one of the lush mall kiosks a few years ago. So when I got an email asking if I would like to test and review some of the Mother’s Day products, I had to say yes.

Due to delivery issues the Mother’s Day products took about a month to get to me (this wasn’t Lush’s fault btw, delivering to apartments can be a pain in the ass, but it turns out that delivering to parcel pods, especially over multiple courier companies is an even bigger pain). In the meantime the guys at Lush sent out another box of goodies for me to review, which I was super excited about, I didn’t know what was going to be in the package, as I wanted it to be a surprise, and I wasn’t expecting anything else to be sent out after the issues with the initial package and I’m still super grateful and surprised.

Thanks to the guys at Lush, my bathroom smells AMAZING, and I’m incredibly relaxed (our bedroom is also covered in glitter, seriously a little glitter gets everywhere)

For today’s post, I wanted to share the goodies I have received/tested, and what I thought about them with you.

Bath Bombs:

The Experimenter

Lush review

This bath bomb is fantastic, it is scented with vanilla and tonka, is incredibly vibrant (the photos don’t do it any justice), and it contains popping candy. I spent about 20 – 30 minutes in the bath, relaxing, and taking in the smells of this bath bomb and came out feeling great. The only downside is because it’s a pretty much a rainbow, after the initial burst of colours, my bath started looking like murky paint water (i’ll look past that though)

Glitter Bomb: A bit; there is gold lustre in this bomb, but it wasn’t a mission to clean afterward.
Would I use this Bath Bomb Again: Definitely
Retails for: $10.50 NZD


lush review

I first used this bath bomb at Christmas time, and was so excited to be able to test it for this post. Due to the peppermint, t’s probably one of my favourite bath bombs to be honest; it’s really vibrant and leaves the water an amazing blue colour. and the peppermint is a great pick-me-up (I used it one morning when I woke up sick, and snuffly, and it did the trick)

Glitter Bomb: Yep, there is a lot of glitter in this bomb. It looks amazing in the bath, but it’s a bit of a pain to clean
Would I use this Bath Bomb Again: For sure; I was so happy when Lush brought it out as part of their regular range.
Retails for: $10.50 NZD

Yoga Bomb

Lush Review

The Yoga Bomb contains sandalwood, as I don’t usually like Sandalwood I was worried I wouldn’t like this bath bomb (I talk about why I don’t like sandalwood in my lush unboxing video, which will be at the end of this post, you’re allowed to laugh at my expense if you’d like). Turns out, the sandalwood isn’t that strong, and I loved this; I felt super and happy after my bath.

Glitter Bomb: A little.
Would I use this Bath Bomb Again: Yes, surprisingly.
Retails for: $10.50 NZD

Rose Bombshell

Lush Review

This bath bomb was part of the Mother’s Day range, and IT’S FANTASTIC. It is scented with rose and lemon and smells exactly like the rose jam bubbleroon (which, is favourite lush scent ever). I spent about 30 minutes in the bath, and afterward my skin felt and smelled amazing.The only downside for me, was having to clean the petals out of the plug hole afterward, but it wasn’t much of an issue really. This is now another one of my favourite bombs, and I really hope that it becomes part of the regular range.

Glitter Bomb: Not that I noticed (it does contain lustre though)
Would I use this Bath Bomb Again: HELL YES (rose jam all the things)
Retails for: $8.50 NZD (it’s currently still in stock on the Lush NZ website)

Bubble Bars:

Mr Brightside


Lush Review 6

When I first smelled this bubble bar, I wanted to eat it. It smells incredibly citrusy, and it reminds me a little of fanta; it’s also great pick-me-up (I used this on a chilly Sunday morning when getting ready for the day and I felt great afterward). For those of you unfamiliar with bubble bars, you crumble them up under running water and watch the bath fill up with bubbles, you don’t need to use an entire one, although I guess it would depend on the amount of bubbles you want, or the kind of water you have (I find that I need to use a bit more of a bar when visiting the in-laws than I do at home, as they use tank water). I found that with this bubble bar, a little goes along way, and I’m  guessing I’m probably going to get about 8 uses out of this one.

Glitter Bomb: Not a all
Would I use this Bath Bomb Again: Definitely, it’s coming up to winter in New Zealand, so it’ll be good for a morning pick me up.
Retails for: $12.50 NZD

A French Kiss

Lush Review

This bubble bar is scented with rosemary and lavender and is packed with coconut oil making it incredibly relaxing; and really lovely on the skin. I’ve used this bubble bar a number of times prior to this blog post, and tend to use it when I’m stressed, and need some time out to relax. I would typically get anywhere between 4 – 5 uses out of this bar.

Glitter Bomb: Nope.
Would I use this Bath Bomb Again: Yes, it’s one of my go-to bubble bars when I need to relax.
Retails for: $12.50 NZD

Pop in the Bath

Lush review


while this bubble bar is packed with bergamot oil, lemon oil, orange flower absolute and mandarin oil, I didn’t find the citrusy scents as strong as the Mr Brightside bubble bar, or the Sunrise soap that I also used for this post (I found this bar to be more relaxing than awakening). I loved it though, and spent about 30 minutes in the bath last night, sipping peppermint tea before getting ready for bed, and felt super relaxed and chilled out afterward. A little of this bar goes a long way, I pulled off the flower of this bar, and used it in the bath, and it was possibly a bit too much, the bubbles did last quite a while though, so I was pretty stoked about that. I think that I could possibly get about 6 – 8 uses from this bar. 

Glitter Bomb: There’s no lustre in this bar.
Would I use this Bath Bomb Again: Definitely.
Retails for: $8.50 NZD


Lush Revierw

This bubble is packed with sweet geranium oil to help with relaxation and has a little peppermint which helps revive and uplift the body and soul. I used this bubble bar before bed one evening when feeling a little down, and it definitely helped. As with the Mr Brightside bubble bar, a little of this bar goes a very long way (I used entirely of the head, and it was a bit too much, bubbles everywhere); i’ll probably end up getting a further 6 – 7 uses out of it.

Glitter Bomb: Nope
Would I use this Bath Bomb Again: Yes, it if is brought out again



Lush review

We currently have this soap in the shower and I LOVE IT. It kind of smells like the Mr Brightside bubble bar and is packed with tangerine and sicilian manarin oils. I find that this soap is great as a pick-me-up on dreary winter mornings (we’ve officially hit winter in New Zealand, and man, it’s cold), or when I’m feeling a little under weather and need a bit of a kick. I asked Phillip what he thought of the soap, and he said that it was “very fruity”, so if you’re into fruity, uplifting scents, this’ll be right up your alley.

Glitter Bomb: Nah, but then again, I’m not sure if any of the soaps contain glitter
Would I use this Bath Bomb Again: Yes, it if is brought out again, until then I’ll need to get my citrusy, fruity fix from Lush’s range of soaps here (Bohemian and Sexy Peel are my favourites)

I hope that you enjoyed this review, it’s a bit longer than my usual posts, but I had a lot of things to test and review for you guys (a HUGE thank you again to the guys at Lush for sending this stuff out to me – you guys rock!)

Lush Unboxing Video

Do you shop at lush? If so, what are your favourite lush items (past, present, limited edition)

Disclaimer: While I was sent these items for the purpose of a review post, opinions are 100% my own.


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