Taking Stock – My Life Right Now

Taking Stock

It’s been a while since I last here last, and with good reason too; we’re in the middle of a pretty big move, and we’ve been busy packing up and painting this place (I posting moving vlogs on my youtube channel, and you can check them out here if you would like).

Seeing as big things are happening in my life at the moment, I thought that it would be a great time to do another taking stock post, mainly so I can get all my thoughts and feelings out, because not gonna lie, I’m kind of overwhelmed at the moment…

Making: Lots of slow cooker meals that will last a few days

Cooking: Lots of slow cooker meals that will last a few days; my favourite so far has been the Thai style pumpkin soup I have been making. I’ll post a recipe when things aren’t so hectic here

Drinking: Hot water and lemon

Reading: Nothing at the moment, which is kind of bad seeing as one of my goals this year was to read more, and I have two books and a kindle next to my bed

Wanting: Our apartment to paint itself, and everything that needs moving to take itself to the car

Looking: At apartments in Auckland; we’re moving to Auckland at the beginning of August, and I’m both excited and terrified. 

Playing: Candy crush; so much candy crush

Deciding: What of our things we want to keep, throw out, gift, donate and store. We have too many things

Wishing: That I could simultaneously stay in Wellington and move to Auckland the same time, or, that my friends would move to Auckland…

Enjoying: Painting;  I actually really enjoy it, I’m just a little stressed with all the work that needs to be done

Waiting: To see what the apartment looks like when we’re done, and wondering why we never got around to painting it (well finishing) before we moved

Liking: The colour I chose for the living room and bathroom

Wondering: Where we’ll live in Auckland, why it took so long to finish painting this place and if the expat will ever get a new UK passport

Loving: The Glass Animals album ZABA – I have been listening to Gooey a lot lately

Pondering: Getting my septum pierced

Considering: Buying tickets to the Melanie Martinez concert in Auckland, they go on sale tomorrow, so I will see how much they are then

Buying: lots and lots and lots of paint…

Watching: Youtube videos

Hoping: We’ll be able to go to the Melanie Martinez concert and that tickets aren’t too expensive

Marvelling: At how quickly I can go from “the sky is falling” to “everything is going to work out”

Cringing: I don’t think I’m cringing at anything at the moment

Needing: A weekend where I’m not doing anything and a sleep-in

Questioning: Everything, right now…

Smelling: The conditioner and dye I just washed out of my hair

Wearing: Skinny jeans, a hoodie and some flats

Following: Brexit

Noticing: How much better gluten free food has gotten recently

Knowing: Everything will be okay

Thinking: I need a sleep in

Admiring: Unsure at the moment…

Sorting: Through all of our stuff, to see what we’re keeping, donating, giving away, storing, throwing out… it’s a bit of a mission, we have too much stuff!!

Getting: more sleep than I was two weeks ago; I needed all the sleep I could get, cause I was hella exhausted

Bookmarking: The link to Melanie Martinez concert tickets, so we can see how much they are when they go on sale tomorrow

Coveting: Melanie Martinez concert tickets and emoji cushions

Disliking: Stupidness, always

Opening: Lots of cans of paint…

Giggling: At this video of a pony playing dead

Feeling: A little overwhelmed

Snacking: Not on much lately

Helping: Phillip paint the apartment

Hearing: Right now, I’m listening to Bonafide Lovin by Chromeo

That’s it for me now, hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m able to post regularly again; as much as I love vlogging, I really miss sitting down at my desk and writing. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this post, If you would like to do a taking stock post, a list of blank questions can be found on Pip’s blog here.

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