Weekly Gratitude List

This is earlier than it would usually be as I’m home sick. I came home from work early yesterday sounding like something from The Grudge and have spent most of my time hiding in my office watching Doctor Who and Youtube videos.

What I want to be doing is cleaning; for some reason, when I’m sick all I want to do is clean (I learnt my lesson when I had the flu about four years ago; I ended up being sick for about three months because instead of resting I kept cleaning).

Mess just irritates me way more than it usually would when I can’t (shouldn’t) do anything about it – does anybody else get that? My doctor said that she gets the urge to clean when sick too.

Being sick aside, this past week has been pretty awesome. Here are some things that have made me smile.  Continue reading →

A year from now you may wish you had started today: 2013 Goals

fireworks, new year's, goals

A year ago I posted a list of goals I wanted to achieve in 2012; I completed about half of them, and I’m happy with that. Most of the goals I completed were ones I wanted to do the most (a few were fillers, as I was struggling to come up with a list of 10).

This year, I’ve written another list; I’ve thought longer and harder about this year’s set of goals and would like to complete them all. Which is why I’m sharing them with y’all! I guess, putting them on the internet makes me feel as if I’m accountable to whoever reads this (as well as myself) So, on with the list!  Continue reading →

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