50 Random Facts About Me

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A few #BrunchClubbers have done the 50 Random Facts About Me Tag, and after seeing it posted on Dani’s blog, I decided to give it a shot. I’m not gonna lie, coming up with 50 random things about myself was pretty hard (nothing about me really seems random, but Dani pointed out great way of coming up with things was imagining I was talking to someone who didn’t know me). Continue reading →

Weekly Gratitude List


I usually have photos to accompany my ‘weekly gratitude list‘ posts, but I haven’t taken many photos this week so don’t have anything visual to share (sloppy, I know). I don’t want to post something too text heavy, so have decided to post five things that have me happy/I am grateful for so far this week  Continue reading →

Making Being Sick Suck A Little Less

I took Thursday and Friday off work last week because I’m still sick (ugh, the lurgy that lingers). I went to the doctor on Thursday and I knew it was bed-rest before she said anything; the look in her eyes when she went to check to see how swollen the glands in my neck were said it all. My throat still hurts like hell at times, but I’m feeling a lot better than I was on Thursday and my nose isn’t blocked anymore, so, yay?!

I thought that for today’s post, I might share a few of my I’m sick essentials – I know I did a similar post a while ago, but this post contains my skincare essentials (riveting stuff, I know), so let’s get to it…  Continue reading →

I’m hooked on Facebook

Today I bit the bullet and started a Facebook page for my blog. I have been thinking of starting one for a while but kept on putting it off – I don’t have many followers so didn’t see the point and I’m really bad at self promoting (I think it’s a New Zealand thing, tall poppy syndrome and all that).

Recently, I have been blogging quite a bit and decided that an ‘official‘ page might clear up the news feed of people who don’t really care too much about my blog and would skip over it anyway.

As much as I hate promoting myself. I thought I may as well shamelessly plug my page, because, why not? So, please, like my page; it would mean a lot.

Title from: Facebook Song – Rhett and Link


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