My Birthday Weekend (and a bit)

my birthday weekend

It was my birthday over the weekend. last year we went to Rotorua, where I went to an alpaca farm (highlight of the year tbh, this year it was fairly low-key.

On the day Phillip and I wandered around Wellington drinking coffee and eating gelato, while the afternoon was spent at the Hippopotamus Restaurant having High Tea, we spent the evening at the Museum Art Hotel (standards have been set fairly high for future birthdays). .  Continue reading →

Birthday Weekend Away: Rotorua

Rotorua, weekend away, long weekend, vacation, birthday, holiday

Phillip and I went to Rotorua for the weekend; it was my birthday on Saturday and over the past couple of years years it has become a tradition to get out of town for my birthday weekend. This year, it coincides with the Wellington Sevens, and because I don’t like sportsball or large crowds of drunken hooligans ain’t nobody got time for that.   Continue reading →

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