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HAPPY Friday everyone! I’m so glad that it’s the end of the working week; I’ve had one of ihose weeks, and I’m so glad I get a couple of days off work and (hopefully) a sleep in tomorrow. I’m not sure what it is, but I always seem to wake up ridiculously early during the weekend, like, way earlier than I do during the week. Does that happen to anyone else?

Anyway, I’ve been thinking of starting ‘Friday Faves’ up as a regular feature on my blog for a while, and figured that since I had committed myself to daily blogging that now was the best time to start. So here are five things that I have been loving the week.  Continue reading →

Weekly Gratitude List – Feelings Are Gross

Happy Friday! I hope you’re enjoying your day – I have the day off, and I’m sitting in the sunniest spot of my bedroom, so my weekend’s off to a good start (we’re flying to Auckland later today, so I figured I’d need to take some time off to pack and get a few things sorted before we left).

This Wednesday was our first wedding anniversary (I know this post is late, and I had intended on posting this then, but ended up needing a nap after our hot anniversary dinner – jerk chicken if you were wondering, SO spicy), so this week’s gratitude list isn’t going to be a this awesome thing happened this week kind of post, and will be a feelings are gross, I am incredibly lucky one instead (sorry if I made you want to spew in your mouth).

Gratitude List  Continue reading →

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