My Long-Haul Travel Observations & Carry On Must Haves

I’m missing another Music Monday post this week, and am posting a ‘Things I learnt about long-haul travel’ list instead.

Our trip to Canada in July was my first big trip, and the first time I had been out of New Zealand since I was five; while we were away I started a list called ‘long-haul lessons’ and decided to share it with you. I have been meaning to post this since we got back but it seems I’ve been rather food obsessed lately…  Continue reading →

Update: Surgery and Endometriosis

I found this post in my drafts. I wrote it after I had surgery at the beginning of the year (for endometriosis, so if you get squeamish at the word ‘period’, don’t read this post). Yeah,  it’s been sitting here since January; my bad.

I was in hospital last week; the bulk of it doped up on painkillers. Funtimes. Hospital? Painkillers? Wait, what?! Last week I went in for explorative laparoscopic surgery to determine whether or not I had endometriosis, cysts and polyps. I’m not sure what, or how much the doctors were expecting to find; they found it all.  Continue reading →

2013 Goals Update


I have been super slack at this regular blog posting thing – I mean shit, my last post was in March… it’s now August.

I don’t have any excuses, really and I’m not going to defend myself because you probably don’t care. In the spirit of trying to get back into regular posting however, I’ve decided a good place to start would be a midyear goals update  Continue reading →

Spiced Tomato Chutney


Last week my copy of Sorted Food’s* latest book Beginners Get Sorted arrived in the post (yay for book vouchers, right?). I’ve made a few recipes from it already, and my favourite so far is definitely the spiced tomato chutney. Why? Because, chutney (seriously though, who doesn’t love it?).

I’ve decided to share their recipe with you, because this stuff IS delicious. We pretty much demolished it within three days of making it; I would love to make it again sometime soon, but buying the amount of fruit and vege required (at supermarket prices) gets a bit expensive (does anyone know where I can get seconds/battered and beaten looking veges in Wellington? Anyone?!)  Continue reading →

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