Blue – Aussie Curves

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This week’s Aussie Curves prompt was blue, I don’t have many blue clothes (I wore my blue bird print dress in my date night post and didn’t want to re-wear it so soon), and thought it was an excuse to go shopping (not a good excuse, just an excuse, then I remembered that I also had an event to go to on Wednesday night at a fancy-pants restaurant and wanted something for that).

My first stop was Farmer’s, and while looking through the clearance racks, I found a bright blue sleeveless shirt. I tried it on and instantly fell in love (I want to wear it all the time, no lie).

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Style Inspiration – Aussie Curves

Aussie Curves, plus size, plus size fashion, body positivity, outfit of the day, outfit post

It’s been just under a week since I lasted posted and I feel like I am letting myself down; I have so many ideas for posts at the moment, but I’ve been too busy/stressed/depressed to be bothered with anything. I know that I shouldn’t feel bad for life happening/jerkbrain being a jerk, I just feel that seeing as blogging regularly is a goal for this year, I should be a bit more on to it (maybe I should start scheduling posts? How do other people juggle life/work and blogging? I would love to know)
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Date Night – Aussie Curves

Aussie Curves

For some reason, today, I’m incredibly nervous about doing an Aussie Curves post. I don’t know what it is, but I’m so anxious, if feels as iI I’m going to vomit and cry and at the same time (thanks jerkbrain). Did anyone else doing Aussie Curves get that feeling when they first started doing outfit posts? Does anyone still get it?  Continue reading →

Aussie Curves – Stripes

Aussie Curves

I haven’t done an outfit post in a while; partly because I still feel kind of awkward doing these kinds of posts (I’m definitely not comfortable posting a picture of myself in my swimsuit… yet; so I skipped that week) and partly because jerk-brain is so jerky, and I spent a good part of the last few weeks curled up watching TV not doing much else (I bought a geometric pair of shorts for last week’s prompt, so my heart was there!)

aussie curves, stripes, ootd, outfit post

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Shoes – Aussie Curves

Aussie Curves

I have wanted to do an Aussie Curves post for a while, but have always felt too awkward/self-conscious/scared to do an outfit post.

This year one of my goals is to do more things that scare me, and so, here we are (an outfit may not seem like a big deal, but for someone who struggles with their appearance/ever-changing body shape, it is for me. I take a crap-tonne of selfies, but outfit posts? Yeah. Nah).

Anyway, this week’s Aussie Curves prompt was ‘shoes’, which I think is a good starting point for me (next week’s prompt is swimwear, which would definitely be throwing myself into the deep end; I don’t feel that confident yet).

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