Summary of January 2015

Jan2015, January 2015

I can’t believe it’s February already; I know that I say this every time I make a monthly summary post, but damn… time flies (like an arrow, and fruit flies like a banana). Now that I’m done going on about fruit flies, and how fast this year has gone past; here’s what I’ve been up to this month.  Continue reading →

My Life, At The Moment – Taking Stock

Taking Stock, Coffee

It’s been a while since I posted here last. Not because I haven’t had anything to share with you guys (I’m always been jotting down ideas of things I think will be neat to write about); it’s just that I’ve been pretty down lately and haven’t felt like doing much aside from curling into a ball and watching TV when I get home from work most nights.

Today, I decided that I had moped around for too long, and that really needed to shake off this bad mood and just write something; anything. I was a bit stuck about where to start, and I figured a Taking Stock post (huge thanks Laura Laura for the idea) would be a good starting point.

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Shoes – Aussie Curves

Aussie Curves

I have wanted to do an Aussie Curves post for a while, but have always felt too awkward/self-conscious/scared to do an outfit post.

This year one of my goals is to do more things that scare me, and so, here we are (an outfit may not seem like a big deal, but for someone who struggles with their appearance/ever-changing body shape, it is for me. I take a crap-tonne of selfies, but outfit posts? Yeah. Nah).

Anyway, this week’s Aussie Curves prompt was ‘shoes’, which I think is a good starting point for me (next week’s prompt is swimwear, which would definitely be throwing myself into the deep end; I don’t feel that confident yet).

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Wanderlust Tag

wanderlust tag

When Genie of Bunny Eats Design asked if I wanted to take part in the Wanderlust Tag, I knew I had to do it. About two years ago I realised I had a serious case of wanderlust and made ‘get out of Wellington more often’ a goal of mine. Despite travelling a fair bit over the past few years, getting out of town is still a goal of mine (I think it’s safe to say that I’ve been bitten by the travel bug); there’s just so much to see and do.  Continue reading →

Weekly Gratitude List

Gratitude List

I’m at home from work with a throat infection, painkillers and antibiotics. I’ve been home two days, and have tomorrow off work as well; I’m bored as hell, and have been kept sane by watching back to back episodes of Friends (it’s finally on Netflix) and eating ice cream (because it doesn’t hurt). Anyway, being sick sucks, but that doesn’t mean everything has been sucky, here are thing things that have been awesome and that I have been grateful for over the past fortnight (I completely forgot about posting last week).  Continue reading →

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