Update: Surgery and Endometriosis

I found this post in my drafts. I wrote it after I had surgery at the beginning of the year (for endometriosis, so if you get squeamish at the word ‘period’, don’t read this post). Yeah,  it’s been sitting here since January; my bad.

I was in hospital last week; the bulk of it doped up on painkillers. Funtimes. Hospital? Painkillers? Wait, what?! Last week I went in for explorative laparoscopic surgery to determine whether or not I had endometriosis, cysts and polyps. I’m not sure what, or how much the doctors were expecting to find; they found it all.  Continue reading →

Summary of July 2014

Idea totally stolen from Alice, but I figure that it would be great way of getting me to post regularly (and to have something to look back at and to go “oh yeah, even though this sucked, THIS HAPPENED, and it was totally awesome!” rather than just continuing to focus on the negative).  Continue reading →

Friday Flashback: Age 24

This photo was taken during the best and worst year of life so far (does that make sense?), I was studying, working two jobs (seven days a week… never again), going out and getting drunk all the time, and hanging out with my best friends on the reg. I was having a lot of fun, but I was also a bit of a mess; I was still working at Spacesuit when this was taken, it was during after work drinks at a bar up the road and I was with Carol (who I had flatted with a few years earlier, and was working with at the time) and Anu (who I had met through Carol when they were working together).

Friday Flashback: Age Nine

Here I am holding one of my birthday cakes (yes, I had two cakes that year, mum made one, and my nana made the other*). Also in the photo are Rebecca and Hannah (our next door neighbours at the time), and my brother Phillip (the shirtless one).

*Nana made the cake I wanted to eat, mum’s one… not so much, so of course when it came to cake eating time, nana’s one disappeared without me getting a slice.

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