Trip To Auckland

Trip To Auckland

About a month ago, Phillip and I took a trip to Auckland. We booked our flights about a month and half beforehand; it was after our brief stay in Auckland in January due to our flight from Dunedin to Wellington being diverted. I love Auckland, and wished we could have stayed longer, as I always have a great time whenever we’re there.

This time around, we hired a car for the weekend, and spent most of it driving around, checking out places I hadn’t been before. I’m not sure what my favourite part of this trip was, it was either breakfast at Dear Jervois in Herne Bay (best gluten free waffles ever), going to the Auckland Zoo, or buying crap tonnes of cheetos at Martha’s Backyard (because why not?),t was a lot of fun, expect maybe driving on the motorway, that shit was terrifying.

For today’s post, I wanted to share my favourite photos from our trip with you (my vlog from our trip will also be at the end of the post) Continue reading →

Road Trip Chronicles – Wacky Stays (Kaikoura)

wacky stays

While we were on our South Island road trip, we spent in a night in Kaikoura. We booked all our accommodation  for the trip, except for the hotel in Queenstown (which we booked in September) about a month beforehand. In Kaikoura we booked a yurt at a place called Wacky Stays (you can check out their website here), and I’m not going to lie, while sleeping in a yurt was a great experience, the main reason I wanted to stay there was because they also had a farm, and on that farm they had llamas.

In today’s post, I wanted to share some of my favourite photos from our time at Wacky Stays with you Continue reading →

Road Trip Chronicles – Big Things (South Island Edition)

big things

We like big things in New Zealand, apparently. They’re pretty much everywhere, so while we were road tripping around the South Island I took as many photos of (and with) the big things we saw during our trip as I could (yeah, I know it’s cheesy, but a little cheesiness is a great thing), and in today’s post, I am sharing big things we saw on our holiday with you.
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Road Trip Chronicles – Devil Burger Queenstown

devil burger

Our road trip turned into somewhat of a burger-fest, well for me a least – if a place we went to had a gluten free burger as an option on their menu, I needed to have it. One of the places we went to while in Queenstown, was a place called Devil BurgerContinue reading →

Road Trip Chronicles – Outfit Of The Day

outfit of the day

It’s been a while since I last did an outfit of the day post, and what better way to get back into it than being on holiday? Being on holiday is also a great excuse for snapping cheesy photos like the one above (I took many photos like this while we were on our road trip)

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but when I  go holiday my go to outfit is pretty much comfortable and practical. Phillip and I do a fuck tonne of walking around when we’re out of town and being comfortable when exploring for hours on end is a must (trust me, I learnt this the hard way).
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